the people of my 2010

For the past two years I have wanted to make an entry such as this, but I fail. Magazines, blog entries, articles would feature the most popular figures of a particular year-- people who sometimes we do not even know but in one way or another affected or influenced us. I chose make one that is personal to me. This blog entry is for all of those whom I have met, made impact, inspired and I found very interesting for this year.

...and the winners are:

Joanne Fajardo

I have known Joanne since college days. Since then she has ever been a fun-loving person, always finding things to laugh about. She has always been cheerful, bright and happy. This year Joanne and her family surely went through a very tough year because of an accident that her sister met. Joanne is the one personally attending to the needs of her only sister to the point of resigning from work. She gave up a big chunk of her personal life just to for her sister and her mom. Through all these, you will not hear any complain. This is love--selfless and never asking anything in return. 

Carlo Lorenzo and John Ben Rodriguez

John Ben and Carlo

If you would see Carlo and John Ben together, you will know immediately that they are opposites but inseparable. Carlo is snotty, John Ben is funny. Carlo can be very engaging while John Ben can be quite reserved at the start.  Individually, they have their own light to shine, but together they make each other's light shine better and brighter--a perfect team. I admire these two men for their faithfulness to each other as friends and co-ministers in God's vineyard. To date, they have raised two campus feasts, several caring groups and have definitely touched a lot of people's lives. I was super blessed to have counted them as my friends for this year. 

Tita Mina Ramirez

I have always wanted to meet a Proverbs wife (one who possesses the qualities described in Proverbs 31: 10-13) and I was blessed to have met Tita Mina Ramirez this year. Tita Mina is the mother of my friend and campus missionary, Miguel Ramirez. The first time I met her I already knew how beautiful a woman she is. She speaks of the blessings. She is generous with affirmations, truth and counsel. She is very gentle and loving. Her spirit is so calm that you just enjoy being yourself whenever you are with her because you know you are enjoyed as well. I thought, "I wanted to be like her when I reach her age." Thanks Tita Mina for the friendship. :)

Fr. Clarence Marquez, OP

Our friendship dated from long ago and it peculiarly started with slippers. Through the years we have evolved from acquaintances to trusted friends. Fr. Clarc has been one of the my faithful hope-givers, cheerleader, and prayer partner this year especially during my Bar Examinations. I would always borrow his words describing me during my bar season: "soaring in grace" and that kept me flying. :) He'd always assure me that he's taking the exam with me. I have found a new meaning of God's love in the friendship we share.

Rissa Singson-Kawpeng

I grew fond of Rissa 1) because she leads worship very effectively during Feasts and 2) she is the sister of my classmate in Fr. Jocis' class,  Ronna. This year, when I was blessed to serve the the Single's stream of KCon 2010, I got to listen to her talk: Waiting for the One and it ministered to me big time! I now wish to have the same resilience that Rissa had in waiting for God's will and choice for your life partner. :) I resolve not to be an impatient bride anymore. Hihi.

Obet and Joie Cabrillas

This couple took me as their spiritual daughter and their love brought in overflowing healing and love in my life. :) Thanks Mommy and Daddy. To more years of serving God! :)

Carlisle Marie 

2009 wasn't very good for me and Carlisle but 2010 brought us close and renewed our friendship. This year, I saw how tough she is, how she's grown and how you can just be yourself with her. I admired her perseverance in Faith and her desire to seek God and His goodness. Carlisle is one of the very few people who walked with me through the toughest exam I took in my life. Through this she has been my hope-giver and friend. :) Thank you Cai! To more years of friendship! :) 

Julius, Jon and Em

This year my siblings and I reached notches higher in closeness. And it is surely a great, great blessing for us. :) We've learned to share our stories and involve each other in the lives one another. I was happy to know that the love we shared healed us all. :) More years of healing and love, guys! :) And more photobooth tripping! :)