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Last Saturday, Denise and I visited Pipino, a vegetarian restaurant owned by Alessadra Lanot, a vegan herself. I have been following her blog, Life After Breakfast for sometime now and that is where I found out about Pipino. I have always wanted to try going vegetarian but the thought of losing the delight of having the mixture of flavor in my mouth, makes me think twice. The write ups about Pipino assured to "bridge healthy AND delicious". THAT interested me and so,  I promised myself that I will visit and try Pipino out.

After my visit to my endocrinologist's clinic at NKTI, I thought of swinging by Pipino which is just a few blocks away and have lunch there. On our way, I felt like a giddy child waiting to open her Christmas present. After roughly 3 minutes on cab, there we were. 

Pipino's Facade

Pipino is part of the Pino Group who also owned Pino Resto Bar. I supposed that since they are in the same location, you can order from both menus. This was a little of a concern because Denise is not very much fond of the vegetarian food. 

Upon entering the restaurant, this wall art greeted us:

Then, a server came to our table and promptly gave us two menus, one of Pipino and the other is Pino's. I concentrated on Pipino's since that was what I really came there for. Besides, my doctor advised me to cut down on meat. I was given a weight goal until our next scheduled check up. 

Menu is also available at
I ordered the Soup for the Day and since it was Saturday, they serve Vegetable Soup and for the Entree, I ordered Piniritong Talong with Adobong Kangkong and Brown Rice. For my drinks, I had a huge glass of Pino Iced Tea. Denise, on the other hand ordered from Pino, Miso Soup and Seafood Kare-Kare.

Saturday Soup for the Day: Vegetable Soup
My soup was served immediately. It was all green and mushy. I figure that it must be some green vegetables crushed in a food processor and was served with a few noodles. I enjoyed it but was careful to fill myself up. My main course was yet to be served.

Pritong Talong at Adobong Kangkong with Brown Rice
Pipino delivered as promised: healthy can be delicious. Eating my kangkong and talong did not in anyway made me feel that I was missing on meat. The slices of mango and cherry tomatoes on the side somehow break the flavor.  

Miso Soup
 The miso soup was interesting but was a bit salty though. 

Seafood Kare-Kare
The kare-kare sauce was a little sweet (I prefer it just peanut-y) but it was ok. Good paired with Miso. they did not serve bagoong though. Denise liked it and being a cook herself I can say she was satisfied.

We skipped on dessert because my tummy wasn't really ok that time. But we'll definitely come back. :)

Cuisine: Filipino
Rating: 8
Price: 8

Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant
39 Malingap St. Teacher's Village, Quezon City 


somebody just moved in

On board an orange “Jeep ni Erap”, former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada moved residence from Greenhills, San Juan to Sta. Mesa, Manila, yesterday, 09 May 2012, in preparation for next year's midterm elections. The Local Government Code of 1991 requires for at least one (1) year residency preceding the day of election.  Without reservations, Erap indeed expressed his intention of running for the mayoralty post but claimed that he will be serving for one term only. With sentimentality, he said in the news report that he wanted to end his political career by serving the city where he was born. Erap was born in Tondo, Manila.
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As a resident of Manila for all my life, I am very much concerned as to who will head the affairs of this city. For 30 years, I have witnessed how Manila lost its luster to the more modern cities like Makati and Quezon City. It felt that the perennial problems of this city such as peace and order, flood, and traffic, have worsened through the years. 

 I am ambivalent with Erap’s move. Perhaps, this is because I personally wished to live in San Juan as it gave me a sense of peace and security and I wonder if Erap can do the same to Manila as if he can pull out a magic wand and sprinkle fairy dust all over the city and make everything brand new. On the other hand, I have reservations knowing that several years ago, I went out into the streets to have him ousted as President. Yet, I wonder why does it feel that my gut is telling me he is fit for this job. Hmm… Perhaps I will vote for him. Or perhaps not. 

This is exciting.