I have recently crossed out one item on my bucket list -to become a life coach. I am grateful to be given a chance to join OCCI's LEAP Team 55 which we dubbed, "One Love". 

More than a dream, I feel that this is a calling, as if your soul is yearning to share a huge part of who you are to people you barely know and choose to support, grow with and ultimately love with no conditions. And I guess, the last one was the meat of it. 

In this journey, I met four souls who definitely changed my life forever. :) To J, John and Dancel, I am so proud of the three of you. You will always be 'my barakos' who taught me to love to the core! And to Kaye, who chose to take another path right after we drove through a few curbs together, I hope you find your bliss. Carry my love with you wherever you go.

Together with a kiss, I will seal the journey that was with this letter:

My dearest Bravehearts,

In this journey to One Love, you have proved that love is never for the faint of heart. Our journey was indeed filled with a lot of challenges but out of these challenges love, courage, compassion, abundance, responsibility and commitment were born.  As your coach, it was a joy to witness how you have transformed from your old selves filled with hesitation, anxieties and fears to men of character. Perhaps, this is the mark of a true Braveheart--one who rises every time he falls, one who chooses virtue in the midst of vice and one who keeps trying...and trying until the prize is won.

Thank you for constantly choosing your greatness despite difficulties.Thank you for inspiring me to keep on choosing love, especially when there seems nothing else left to love. Thank you for teaching me that life's existence is enriched not only by familiar things but by welcoming changes.  I can say that in this journey, your presence in my life changed in a very different way.  In fact, my heart was stretched and formed to love in a bigger and better way.

 Now, as you set foot to fulfill new misssions in your lives, it is my prayer that you will carry with you everything that you've learned in this journey. Always remember that you are Bravehearts and now, much braver to face on whatever comes your way, much braver to win your battles and much, much braver to love.

Your names will forever be etched in my heart. :) I love you.


Coach Faith