Huwaw Davao! :)

I am a traveller. I love going to different places and experience their culture.

This year, I wished to go to Vietnam to celebrate my birthday but I changed my mind and thought of travelling locally instead. I wished of going to place in Mindanao since that's the only major island group that I haven't been to. We really get what we wish for. A week before my birthday, my council and I flew to Davao for a council meeting and at the same time bond with our Davao teammates. :)

I love Davao! It was love at first sight. Davao has a charm of calmness, openness and serenity. As we cruised our way to the hotel from the airport on Levi's car, I felt how the city welcomed me into it. :) What made our stay in Davao more enjoyable was the company of the loving Davao 49ers. We bonded like we were old friends and shared stories like there was no tomorrow. Here are some of the photos: 


 Hello Davao! :)

 Logging in hours for the Bar Review. 

 At Francisco Bangoy (Davao)  International Airport

 A welcome treat at the airport


 K Steak serves buffet for only 170.00 Php with at least 5 choice of viands 
and unlimited grilled pork, beef, chicken and fish. Rating: 8 

 Powerful Voice with the Davao LEAPers. :)

 I love taking photos of vehicles in a particular locale. Here's one. 


Day 2 was fun day. We went to Outland Adventure, The Repentor in Ma-a to go zipline. It was my first time to go ziplining. Wooohooo! :)  

All geared up! :)

After the first 600m. Wooh! That was awesome!

Part of travelling is experiencing the local food as well. We were so blessed to have friends who treated us so well. Tito Jon and Anot cooked food for us. 

Instant Favorite: Kinilaw na Tuna!

Steamed Sea Bass

Sinigang na Sugpo sa Calamansi at Sabaw ng Gulay

No oil Fried Chicken

Anot's Chicken Salad

 Grilled Pork Chop. Favorite.

Crusted Cream Dory with Tomato Sauce

My Davao Experience will not be complete without having anything with Durian. Levi and the rest of the Davao LEAPers invited us to have Durian Halo-halo at Aling Foping's.  Durian halo-halo is a mixture of Durian Jam, Nata de Coco, Pinipig and Durian Ice cream topped with crushed ice and laced with fresh milk. Yuuum!

Daghang Salamat Dabaw! :) I hope to go back to you soon. :)