prince of persia, sands of time

"It is said some lives are linked across time. They are connected by an ancient calling--Destiny."
Today, I took some time off after a long day with Jurado and saw Prince of Persia with Zeny.  I remember playing this game on my black and white screened computer, waaaay before plants vs. zombies wanted to eat our brains out. It was one of those computer games I was addicted to, standing par with Carmen Sandiego (Okaaay, my age shows here). I should say that Disney gave enough justice on this one--fairly made for an adventure movie. I brought to the edge of my seat the whole time. Although, SM Cinemas should be sued for refund since there are around four portions that are obviously cut (not to mention the poor resolution and muffled sound system. We should have really drove off to Makati). Going back to the movie, although it was good, it was also too Disney-y--everybody happy! Jake Glyllenhaal was hot--perfect!

 *Poster says: Defy time. I'd rather not. But I wish I can make it move slower. :p


little miss sunshine

I finally gave in to my sister's request that we sit down and see this movie on DVD.

Favorite Quote: Richard: There's two kinds of people in this world, there's winners and there's losers. Inside each and everyone of you, deep inside the core of your being is a winner waiting to be awakened and unleashed upon the world. Okay, you know what the difference is? Winners don't give up. 


last of our days

Just in time on my reflections on being myself and savoring my life, a friend sent me this video through Facebook. It spoke to me, so am sharing this to everyone. I hope you find something for yourselves in this. Happy day, every all! :)


live life like eating sashimi

In this entry I will tell you a glimpse of my love affair with sashimi is...and how living life should be likened to it. :)

You see, one of my favorite foods in this world is Shake Sashimi (Raw Salmon).  Eating this Japanese delicacy gives me that exhilarating feeling that no other food can ever give me...and the experience is always, always incomparable.

In a Japanese restaurant, my mouth will start to water as I tell the waiter my order of salmon sashimi. After which, my thoughts will begin longing about it. The moment it's served, my eyes widen with excitement and much joy seeing how orange it is. Then, as soon as my chopsticks holds on my salmon, I will begin to feel fuzzy and giddy inside. The moment I put it in my mouth, there is a stillness that would envelope me and suddenly my whole being explodes in excitement and extreme happiness. I would always, always chew my salmon slowly and reflectively. All my senses are directed to it that is why I savor every little bit of it even if I always catch myself close my eyes as I do this. In that short period of time, I have nothing else in mind nor was there anything else that matters, except my sashimi.

Today, in the fourth installment of the series A Life of No Regrets, Bro. Bo speaks about NO RUSH. He said that life should be lived enjoying the present moment without being haunted by the past nor anxious of the future. Because your now is a gift from God--He has blessed you with now and all you have to do is enjoy every bit of it. Whether it may be a prize or a pain which is in front of you, it is God's blessing. Hence, we should not hurry on letting it just go by unnoticed. Deliberate living. Deliberate appreciation of life. :)

I savor my sashimi. Perhaps, I now know how I should be savoring my life. :)

Current Songs: I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith and Simple Things by Jim Brickman and Rebecca Lynn Howard

reunions feel like an old pair of shoes

Tonight, I spontaneously decided to meet up with Doyti, an old friend from an inter-uni organization I was part of. Conversations over dinner and coffee with someone I haven't seen for years now was something I needed this week. Luckily, we were both free and finally we were able to get together. After hours of catching up, re-telling stories on old loves, and a few commentaries on Philippine politics, I was already contented on this pitstop.

On my way home, I "picked up" Melvyn, another friend from waaaay back in high school along the road. Hahaha! He was hailing the cab behind the one I was riding on when I called him from my rolled down window. I asked him to hop in (since our houses were just several blocks away) and we ended up finding ourselves talking over cups of tea and frap about our lives, people and yesteryears.

Am really happy that no matter how much time has passed, you'll still find old friends whom you can just pick things up from where you left of, know that things have changed but you have not really changed at all. :)

Describe Tonight: COMFORTING

Oh! By the way, I bumped into two other friends whom I just exchanged hellos with. Nice eh?



Current Song: Beautiful Day by U2

Describe today: UNPRODUCTIVE

...except that I cleaned my room, fixed my bookshelf, changed my blog template, and danced. Later, I will meet up with an old friend for dinner.

When I meant I was unproductive, I meant I was bar-unproductive. Taking this time off to distract myself and get my wheels moving again. I was sent off-track by some useless thoughts and went pity-partying for the last 48 hours.

Lesson learned for the last 18 hours: Sometimes, doing something is worse than doing nothing. (Meredith said that too in one of the Grey's episodes. It pays to listen sometimes, Faith!)

My promise: Starting Monday, I will be productive again. I have a bar to hurdle, you see?

reflections on my almost near-death experience

late post.
19 April 2010
Coron, Palawan

1) Never swim without surveying your course. Know how deep or shallow the water is. This way you'll know what to expect.

2) Keep looking ahead. Looking down will only scare the hell out of you! Keep your eyes fixed on your goal.

3) Look up, you'll get air. In life the Lord wants us to look up to Him and He'll readily give us the provision we need.

4) Keep swimming!

5) When everything else fails, you have friends who'll come to save you.


not everyone finds something like this

True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. 
True friendships feel like family.