little miss perfect no more

"But I am learning that perfection isn't what matters. In fact, it's the very thing that can destroy you if you let it." 

2nd cabin, port side*

*My desk at 16:45 on the last Friday before my leave becomes effective. :) It will surely be missed for the next 6 months. ;)


african safari and writing a book

Since I am bedfast for the past few days with nothing to do but sleep, flick the remote, watch dvds (or let the chattering put me to sleep) and tweet, I felt so useless. I thought of doing a lot of things. Now that I feel a little better yet still incapable of going out and doing stuff, I thought of re-writing the things I wanted to do in my lifetime. I recall writing them down but I am not sure where I have placed it. Perhaps, that list is in one of my diaries piled in my stash in our other house. I usually cross out the things I've done already.

Now, I will re-write them as I can remember. 

  1. Experience the REAL African Safari.
  2. Zoobic Safari
  3. Backpack in Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece and UK)
  4. Southern Exploration (CDO, Davao, Bukidnon and Camiguin)
  5. Lead sing for a full live band
  6. Sing with an acoustistic band
  7. Have a kiddie party on my birthday
  8. Participate in a WYD abroad (Canada 2002)
  9. Learn conversational French (Gahd! I have been wanting this since 2005. All I now is how to count! )
  10. Travel in Japan eat in one of their Izakayas, bathe in one of their hot spring pools and see the cherry blossoms.
  11. Meet Mickey Mouse
  12. Have photo with the Merlion
  13. Visit Universal Studios
  14. Swim with the Dolphins
  15. Travel alone for at least a week outside the Philippines.
  16. Shop in Thailand. 
  17. Ride an Elephant
  18. Sleep all day
  19. Have my dream house
  20. Own a beach house
  21. Kiss in the rain
  22. Bathe in the rain
  23. Whitewater raft in CDO
  24. Bathe in a falls
  25. Go to Coron
  26. Go back to Coron. ;)
  27. Eat authentic Lechon Cebu in Cebu
  28. Lounge in Boracay
  29. Set foot in Japan  (actually, just a stopover)
  30. Own an all-day breakfast resto
  31. Own a bookstore
  32. Japanese food overload
  33. Pen Pals @Manila Peninsula
  34. Date JLC and Derek Ramsay.
  35. Finish working on the photobook
  36. Top the Bar
  37. Learn to play the guitar
  38. Polish playing the piano
  39. Climb Mt. Pulag
  40. Climb Mt. Pinatubo
  41. Visit Mayon Volcano
  42. See Mt. Fuji
  43. See Mt. Mayon for real!
  44. Eat authentic Bicol Express
  45. Experience Batanes
  46. Spend a White Christmas
  47. Get over my fear of the deep
  48. Learn to Scuba Dive
  49. Pagudpod
  50. Sky Dive!
  51. Write a book
  52. Act in a play
  53. Sing in a choir
  54. Play Ultimate
  55. Play Ultimate (Frisbee) again
  56. Marathon
  57. Run
  58. Watch World Cup Finals Live!
  59. Glide through a zip line
  60. Work in a fun law firm
  61. Grow the tshirt printing biz
  62. Grow the atchara biz
  63. Red Ford Escape
  64. Eat Durian Ice Cream
  65. Get inked (henna at least)
  66. Volunteer for Gawad Kalinga
  67. Become a life coach
  68. Love like crazy
  69. Have a photo shoot
  70. Have a glamour photo shoot
  71. Read all day
  72. Cook a feast
  73. Throw a party for my birthday
  74. Give free hugs
  75. Box
  76. Plant trees
  77. See Wicked
  78. Watch plays
  79. Be gadget-free for a day
  80. Learn how to jump rope
  81. Bike
  82. See Halong Bay
  83. Eat street foods
  84. Shop til you drop
  85. Die rich
  86. Invest in stocks
  87. Become a multi-millionaire
  88. Send kids to school
  89. Adopt a dog
  90. Teach
  91. Dance 
  92. Record songs
  93. Fly a kite
  94. Jump in a trampoline like crazy
  95. Randomly give money away
  96. Carry a bag with lots of money inside

Hmn... I guess that's all for now. I'll keep updating this list.


episode 19

After a trauma, your body is at its most vulnerable. Response time is critical. So you're suddenly surrounded by people—doctors, nurses, specialists, technicians—surgery is a team sport. Everyone pushing for the finish line. Putting you back together again. But surgery is a trauma in and of itself, and once it's over, the real healing begins. It's called recovery. Recovery is not a team sport. It's a solitary distance run. It's long. It's exhausting. And it's lonely as hell

The length of your recovery is determined by the extent of your injuries. And it's not always successful. No matter how hard we work at it. Some wounds might never fully heal. You might have to adjust to a whole new way of living. Things may have changed too radically to ever go back to what they were. You might not even recognize yourself. It's like you haven't recovered anything at all. You're a whole new person with a whole new life. - Narration, Meredith Grey, "It's A Long Way Back", Ep. 19, Season 7, Grey's Anatomy