My heart breaks every time I hear fellow Filipinos callously bash the government with the seeming lack of action with what is happening in Visayas. I begin to wonder, what have these people done for them to feel they know better than the President, at the very least? Yes, we paid taxes, but sad as it is, we have to accept the obvious but evading truth that our money is not in the coffers anymore. The money was misspent and/or stolen by those selfish politicians we trusted and elected to post at some time. Of course, we should hold them responsible, but we have to park that for a while (and not forget).

I would like to console myself thinking that these bashers just feel too helpless and frustrated that if only our leaders did not betray us, we could have done something about the pitiful plight of our fellowmen. But then again, I go back to reality that perhaps, nature is already helping us see the truth that we have been forever running away from.

Just this morning, I heard a few educated people who were ranting about how the President could have ordered his men to anticipate the extent of Yolanda’s possible damage, the moment he knew it was coming. Someone even narrated the story of a nonchalant woman based in Tacloban whose son being a seaman told her to evacuate because he knew how dangerous a storm surge could be. The woman heeded her son's warning and was saved. They all agreed that the President should have known this because a “commoner” knew about it. Talk about expectations. As I was quietly listening to them, I thought: If only this man spoke up, or at the very least some other people who knew the extent of a storm surge (which was unknown to many of us, until it happened), perhaps, we could have saved a city.

I am not defending the government. Partly, I agree that the government could have been more prepared for this eventuality. I am only wishing for a little more courage from Filipinos to care enough, stand up and do something.

As bleak as it is, I would like to believe that typhoon Yolanda came to send us very important lessons to learn. She came to unravel the truth we have always been trying to suppress. Gat Jose Rizal spoke of a social cancer during his time. Sadly, we haven’t really been courageous enough to take on the pain of social surgery to remove this illness and heal ourselves as a nation. I will dare to put a name on this evil and I will call it indifference—that apathy of staying in our own bubble of convenience and superficial concern to our fellowmen and our children, who will inherit the consequences of our choices. For the longest time, we contended in shutting our mouths and turning a cold shoulder in the injustice that has been looming around us. We deceived ourselves that we are powerless against our own government. We also misled ourselves in thinking that the problems will solve themselves. On the extreme end of it, there is righteousness, as some would rather endlessly talk emptily without lifting a finger. I would imagine them typing things away in social media in an air-conditioned room with a soda and popcorn beside them. Bottom line, we just did not care enough.

The aftermath of typhoon Yolanda did not only leave debris to clean up but it revealed a government that needs serious reflection and effective reforms. It also unveiled Filipinos whose love for the country seems questionable. If we continue with our cold-blooded indifference, there will come a point that we do not even need a super-typhoon to wipe out our existence. We will just kill each other.

Philippines, we are at a turning point—an edge of glory that if we could only embrace the lessons we are supposed to learn from this tragedy, we will emerge to be a better and stronger nation. Perhaps, with these lessons at heart, we can move forward valuing each other, our future and ultimately, ourselves.

Walang duda, babangon tayo. Ngunit sana’y bumangon tayong magkakasama ng may pagmamahal, pagdadamayan at pananampalataya. Baka sakaling pag natutunan natin ito, darating na ang tunay na pagbabago. (There is no doubt that we will rise up. But let us move forward in unity with love, cooperation and faith. Maybe by then, more lasting changes will take place.) 


Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

One cardinal rule I learned from my fashion mentors is to never, never wear undergarments that show. No to visible panty-lines. No dark underwear under light clothes. No to inappropriate bra cup sizes. Most importantly, no to showing bra straps! Undergarments are meant to be hidden (precisely why they are called undergarments). Breaking this rule is basically breaking your style. Although this might be a little cost-tricky for us women since we need to get at least one for each kind of bra there is for every outfit we have. 

My personal choice of good underwear will always be Wacoal. Ever since I started working I will always put away a few pesos just to save up for a nice piece of Wacoal undergarment. I tell you, it's always worth every penny! And now that they launched their Versatile Wear It Your Way bra, being stylish will not break our budget and gives us the freedom to wear whatever we want!

Wacoal's Wear It Your Way Bra.
You can wear it  1) the conventional way;
2) center- halter; 3) one-sided and 4) strapless! :)
 It also comes in blue. :)  

Now, I just need one bra to wear these three different outfits:

This halter top is great
for Friday night outs,
first dates and dinner
with friends.

A center-halter bra
is a must.

Top from Michael Kors
A venus cut dress like this is good
for a wedding or a cocktail.

A one-sided bra strap or a strapless
is just perfect!

Dress from Camilla and Marc

Summer jumpsuits which 
are usually with thin straps 
need strapless bras. 

Silk jumpsuit from 
Stella Mccartney

 I think every girl should have this! ;) It's functional, fashionable and fun! :) 

Visit to know more! :) 


A bolt from the blue: a Labor Day project

Like a bolt from the blue, I decided to color my room's immaculate white walls. I chose blue. Midnight blue. 

Although my favorite color is red, I felt that coloring my wall red isn't a good idea. It just felt too fiery and aggressive. I wanted something that will calm me, something more serene and soothing. Hence, blue. 

I just cant wait project done ASAP, and so... I did it myself! Yes, this is my first "major" DIY project! Woohoo! I must really be starting to nest. I have been itching to transform my space. Below are some photos of the project to its completion. 

Paint and Roller

First (uneven) coat

I am so happy and proud to see my blue wall! :) Weeee! And because of that... I decided to clean up my room and redecorate it altogether. Seeing that some thing has changed in my little space made me want to re-arrange everything else in it and make my room more pleasing to live in. I deserve a beautiful space, right?

I pulled out some old photo frames (and bought some new ones), have photos printed and voila! I have finally put up a pretty kinda-of-montage.

Neat! I am almost done. :)  
Now, I feel I  have an old-new room..and yes, it is calming. I get more peaceful sleeps at night. It feels like there are a lot more to be done, but I am perfectly happy with this. :)  


Yellow arrows on the platform

I do have a love affair with trains and today, after a long while, I rode one again. 

More than the convenience of a quicker travel, I love having a different perspective of the metro while I am on board trains. This experience leads me to reflect on a lot of things about myself and about life in general. Deep, right? Funny as it is, I seriously do get these thoughts perhaps because in these rare occasions I get to observe people and what is supposed to be the daily grind of an ordinary city commuter. 

Today, I boarded a train from GMA-Kamuning station in Quezon City and upon setting foot the escalator, I already noticed a sign saying: "Stand on the right. Keep left side open for rushing commuters." I was amused that finally Filipinos are reminded of public etiquette. There were several violators (foreigners at that!) but I was fairly impressed that this rule is observed by most of us. As I looked up, I wondered if commuters are more disciplined up there by the platform. 

Upon reaching the platform and waiting for my train to come, I noticed that arrows were painted on the floor where the door of the train was supposed to stop. I remember seeing these arrows in Hong Kong in order to  control the influx of people in and out the trains. 

My satisfaction was quickly interrupted when I noticed a girl to my left, also waiting for the train but was inside the yellow box where the arrow points downwards. It must just be the OC stickler for rules in me that wants to pull her to where I was standing. But then again, I held back. In just a few more seconds, people were lining behind her already!!! It was annoyingly funny! Then our train arrived.

Then I thought that indeed, our laws are good, but it is really the lack of discipline that sets us off track as a society. But then again, we fail to recognize that. Instead, we point fingers and don't take responsibility for our actions.

Then I remembered that elections is just a few days away. We will be relinquishing a portion of our freedom to people we, in fact, barely now from Adam. I just hoped every Filipino has grown a little bit wiser. But with my experience in the train station with that lady (and her followers), I can just remain hoping. :)



I have recently crossed out one item on my bucket list -to become a life coach. I am grateful to be given a chance to join OCCI's LEAP Team 55 which we dubbed, "One Love". 

More than a dream, I feel that this is a calling, as if your soul is yearning to share a huge part of who you are to people you barely know and choose to support, grow with and ultimately love with no conditions. And I guess, the last one was the meat of it. 

In this journey, I met four souls who definitely changed my life forever. :) To J, John and Dancel, I am so proud of the three of you. You will always be 'my barakos' who taught me to love to the core! And to Kaye, who chose to take another path right after we drove through a few curbs together, I hope you find your bliss. Carry my love with you wherever you go.

Together with a kiss, I will seal the journey that was with this letter:

My dearest Bravehearts,

In this journey to One Love, you have proved that love is never for the faint of heart. Our journey was indeed filled with a lot of challenges but out of these challenges love, courage, compassion, abundance, responsibility and commitment were born.  As your coach, it was a joy to witness how you have transformed from your old selves filled with hesitation, anxieties and fears to men of character. Perhaps, this is the mark of a true Braveheart--one who rises every time he falls, one who chooses virtue in the midst of vice and one who keeps trying...and trying until the prize is won.

Thank you for constantly choosing your greatness despite difficulties.Thank you for inspiring me to keep on choosing love, especially when there seems nothing else left to love. Thank you for teaching me that life's existence is enriched not only by familiar things but by welcoming changes.  I can say that in this journey, your presence in my life changed in a very different way.  In fact, my heart was stretched and formed to love in a bigger and better way.

 Now, as you set foot to fulfill new misssions in your lives, it is my prayer that you will carry with you everything that you've learned in this journey. Always remember that you are Bravehearts and now, much braver to face on whatever comes your way, much braver to win your battles and much, much braver to love.

Your names will forever be etched in my heart. :) I love you.


Coach Faith