A bolt from the blue: a Labor Day project

Like a bolt from the blue, I decided to color my room's immaculate white walls. I chose blue. Midnight blue. 

Although my favorite color is red, I felt that coloring my wall red isn't a good idea. It just felt too fiery and aggressive. I wanted something that will calm me, something more serene and soothing. Hence, blue. 

I just cant wait project done ASAP, and so... I did it myself! Yes, this is my first "major" DIY project! Woohoo! I must really be starting to nest. I have been itching to transform my space. Below are some photos of the project to its completion. 

Paint and Roller

First (uneven) coat

I am so happy and proud to see my blue wall! :) Weeee! And because of that... I decided to clean up my room and redecorate it altogether. Seeing that some thing has changed in my little space made me want to re-arrange everything else in it and make my room more pleasing to live in. I deserve a beautiful space, right?

I pulled out some old photo frames (and bought some new ones), have photos printed and voila! I have finally put up a pretty kinda-of-montage.

Neat! I am almost done. :)  
Now, I feel I  have an old-new room..and yes, it is calming. I get more peaceful sleeps at night. It feels like there are a lot more to be done, but I am perfectly happy with this. :)  

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