take me back to coron

Before the everything starts to be stressful, my law school friends and I went to a trip which will forever etch good memories in our lives. Off we went to Coron, Palawan. :) Although, I initially hesitated to join this trip, am now so happy I changed my mind. Everything was perfect (except for a mishap that almost took my life. hahaha!).

Clear waters. Fine sand. Bright Sun. Fresh food. Chilled beer. Vodka Kurant. Good friends. Much laughter. Good times.

Coron, for now we have to part ways. But I promise to be back.

My summer is now over, but has been perfectly defined.


K for K

Calling all running enthusiasts, compassionate givers or just anybody who wants to have fun and enjoys fellowship!

The Light of Jesus Catholic Community, the spiritual family of The Feast, is organizing a run on 29 May 2010, 5.30 a.m. at the Mall of Asia Grounds dubbed as K for K, Run a Kilometer for Kerygma, the 2010 Kerygma Fun Raiser. This is for the benefit of the ministries it is supporting such as Anawim (our ministry for the abandoned elderly) and other affiliate ministries.

For more info, visit

Easter Feast

Happy Easter everyone!

Today, the whole Catholic Church is celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus from death. This is the focal point of the Faith. :) And today, I celebrated it with my family at the Grand Feast at SMX. All the Feasts around Manila are invited to just this one Feast. 

Bro. Bo Sanchez, started a new series--OVERCOME

He spoke about turning our greatest failures into our biggest successes. He likened our lives into a big picture made up of puzzle pieces. That in putting them together, we may find one odd piece that may seem to not fit, yet, little did we know it does fit and it will complete the picture God intend to paint out of our lives. Am now excited to hear the other installments on the coming weeks. :)

 Look for the Feast nearest you and start receiving God's avalanche of blessings in store for you! Be blessed, everyone! :)


beat the heat: halo-halo

On Black Saturday, after we had our pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan, we gave in to the craving for something really cold. NLEX is clear, fairly a few cars running to Manila so the trip was quite fast and easy. But the sun was scorching hot and glaring that we can't look outside our tinted windows without sunglasses. 

Great time for Halo-Halo (a Filipino delicacy made of a mixture of sweetened fruits, beans and jelly with crushed ice and milk, topped with ube and leche flan.) My mouth begins to water again as I typed that away. Hahaha! Going back to my story, one of my siblings, am just not sure now who, remembered a small carinderia in Tondo which serves the best halo-halo we've ever tasted. One problem: we do not know where that can be found exactly. So, called our cousins who brought us there some time ago and agreed to meet with them. 

To make the long story short, we had our servings of the delicious halo-halo and here are some of the pictures we took. :) 

This is where you find the Halo-halo haven!

Look for this signage! She makes the best halo-halo there is!

..and it's only Php 25.00!

 I'm not sure if she's Aling Consuelo (which I doubt) but she will surely serve you your halo-halo!

Here it is! (sorry, it's blurred)

see? they're loving it! :) (my sister and she, one of the three cousins we phoned)

Cha-cha is loving it too!

*Slurp! ;p