amnesia and fears

Today, I saw "My Amnesia Girl" starring John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga for the second time with two of my close guy friends. Again, it did not fail to make me laugh to the core of my belly. The punch lines were still hilarious and Toni and John Lloyd's chemistry on screen is a good experiment from Star Cinema. They clicked and it's tickling. 

However, apart from laughing and having a great time, I was more reflective of how the lessons of the movies now. One thing I noticed with Apollo (Cruz) and Irene (Gonzaga), was that their conflicts, both inner and relational, came about because they were overwhelmed by their fears and acted out of them. Apollo was afraid he'll lose himself if he marries Irene, that is why he just decided to abandon her on the altar, while Irene was afraid she might lose Apollo for the second time and end up hurt again so she decided to pretend having an amnesia which later made Apollo feel betrayed. 

I do not what to kill the fun, but on a more serious angle I realized that, yes, it is really destructive to act from our fears. We are not ourselves when we let them take hold of us. We make mistakes, serious oftentimes, when we let these fears rule us. Worse, fears make us forget who we are, what we can do and where we are supposed to head to.

In tonight's meeting, TFM Builder, Daddy Obet Cabrillas asked us to reflect on "What could we possibly get hold of or who would be if we do not have any fear." I kept that in my heart and I heard an answer. Perhaps, I'll ponder on it. :)

Perhaps in 2011, I should decide to live with lesser fears. :)


top ten blessings for 2010 ++

Although 2010 isn't officially over, I took the liberty to enumerate the blessings I received this year and pick those ten that blew my mind away. 

1) Finishing Law School

After five long years of reading Supreme Court jurisprudence, books and annotations, memorizing provisions of law, enduring classroom recitations with cruel professors and having cups (or even tumblers) of coffee, I have finally reached the end of this journey of learning. I finally graduated from law school. My law school story was not a smooth one. Somewhere in the middle, I had to stop, take a break and continue three semesters later in a different school. Law school was where my best and worst was let out. It was also where my dreams where sifted. It was one of the toughest paths I took, but surely it was fun. Getting up the stage and receiving my awards was tops. It was truly a crowning moment!

 Receiving my Leadership Award from Mr. Cayco

 With co-awardee, Carlisle and our parents

My Batch! 

2) Coron 

Paradise. Good times.

Coron was perfect to cap law school and start the review for the Bar. Together with my friends from law school, we wasted four days on the beach doing nothing but rest and make good memories. Beer. Good food. White sand. Waves. Warm sun. Laughter. And lots of pictures. Truly a piece of heaven. 

3) Bar Review

Almost half of my 2010 was devoted to reviewing for the Bar Examinations. I spent my days (and nights sometimes) re-reading my old text books, devouring review materials, seriously squeezing in my brain every bit of material information that I think I can use during the exam. Almost six months to prepare for the eight bar subjects. It was a season of perseverance, self-discipline and grace. It was hair-splitting, sometimes boring because day in and out I was doing the same things over and over. It has surely pushed me to my limits. Thank God for friends and study buddies for keeping me sane. :)

4) Bar Examinations

These are the four Sundays of my life that I will never forget. The longest September I ever had. Awesome. Outstanding. Mind-boggling. Nerve wracking. Emotional roller-coaster. The beginning of the fulfillment my dreams. :) 

5) LOJ Campus Missions

This year I was blessed by God with seven men--Carlo, John Ben, Migs, JYo, Chao, Raser and JC. These men possessed hearts which are devoted to Jesus and His ministry.

One week after the Bar Examinations, I received individual text messages from these men telling me that they have chosen me to be the Admin Head of the LOJ Campus Missions. I was floored! It was an honor to serve God through this ministry of touching the lives of the young people in campuses. Truly humbling. Working with the brothers was challenging considering that I have to relate with seven different personalities (plus our director, Daddy Obet). My blessing though is that I was able to be establish friendships with them before I took on the job. :) This is my first time to say this: These seven men changed my life, brought me healing and filled me with so much love. Thank God for the seven of you, guys. I love you all from the deepest of my heart. :)

 UST College of Commerce Retreat, Tagaytay

 Visiting Migs at the Hospital

Missionaries Meeting, Lighthouse

6) Birthday Surprises

I love surprises and this year....I got three. :)

7) Carlisle

This year, I renewed my friendship with Carlisle. Our friendship was greatly tested last year, that almost made me give up on it. But the Lord was faithful to give us the chance to restore, rekindle and renew it. The Bar season pulled us closer and she was my hope giver then. :) 

8) Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (UP)

I would have been an Iskolar had my mom not refused the idea. Although for years now, I have grown a certain affinity to this University. I had friends who allowed me to make good memories in its campus. This year UP has become a big part of my life--my study buddy and I would sometimes visit and attempt to study here; isaw trips; Rodick's detox moments; UP Campus Feast; tambays with friends. UP = Good times. :)

9) Light Of Jesus Family

Need I say more? :) 

I had a convo with Niki Yokingko and I have expressed how blessed I am to have been blessed with people who walk with you through life like family; people who pray for you; people who desire Jesus as much as you do; people who wish the best for you; and people who just simply make a little heaven down here with. :)

10) My sister, Margareth, a.k.a Bebe

She is my favorite sister, because she is my only sister I got. :) This year our relationship leveled up and got deeper than ever. She's the first person I tell how my review day was. She took care of my during the Bar even if she was younger than me. Alabyu bebe. :)

....and just to end the year

God gave me a bonus. I got work as Christmas gift. :) I'm starting in January! :)