amnesia and fears

Today, I saw "My Amnesia Girl" starring John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga for the second time with two of my close guy friends. Again, it did not fail to make me laugh to the core of my belly. The punch lines were still hilarious and Toni and John Lloyd's chemistry on screen is a good experiment from Star Cinema. They clicked and it's tickling. 

However, apart from laughing and having a great time, I was more reflective of how the lessons of the movies now. One thing I noticed with Apollo (Cruz) and Irene (Gonzaga), was that their conflicts, both inner and relational, came about because they were overwhelmed by their fears and acted out of them. Apollo was afraid he'll lose himself if he marries Irene, that is why he just decided to abandon her on the altar, while Irene was afraid she might lose Apollo for the second time and end up hurt again so she decided to pretend having an amnesia which later made Apollo feel betrayed. 

I do not what to kill the fun, but on a more serious angle I realized that, yes, it is really destructive to act from our fears. We are not ourselves when we let them take hold of us. We make mistakes, serious oftentimes, when we let these fears rule us. Worse, fears make us forget who we are, what we can do and where we are supposed to head to.

In tonight's meeting, TFM Builder, Daddy Obet Cabrillas asked us to reflect on "What could we possibly get hold of or who would be if we do not have any fear." I kept that in my heart and I heard an answer. Perhaps, I'll ponder on it. :)

Perhaps in 2011, I should decide to live with lesser fears. :)

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