Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

One cardinal rule I learned from my fashion mentors is to never, never wear undergarments that show. No to visible panty-lines. No dark underwear under light clothes. No to inappropriate bra cup sizes. Most importantly, no to showing bra straps! Undergarments are meant to be hidden (precisely why they are called undergarments). Breaking this rule is basically breaking your style. Although this might be a little cost-tricky for us women since we need to get at least one for each kind of bra there is for every outfit we have. 

My personal choice of good underwear will always be Wacoal. Ever since I started working I will always put away a few pesos just to save up for a nice piece of Wacoal undergarment. I tell you, it's always worth every penny! And now that they launched their Versatile Wear It Your Way bra, being stylish will not break our budget and gives us the freedom to wear whatever we want!

Wacoal's Wear It Your Way Bra.
You can wear it  1) the conventional way;
2) center- halter; 3) one-sided and 4) strapless! :)
 It also comes in blue. :)  

Now, I just need one bra to wear these three different outfits:

This halter top is great
for Friday night outs,
first dates and dinner
with friends.

A center-halter bra
is a must.

Top from Michael Kors
A venus cut dress like this is good
for a wedding or a cocktail.

A one-sided bra strap or a strapless
is just perfect!

Dress from Camilla and Marc

Summer jumpsuits which 
are usually with thin straps 
need strapless bras. 

Silk jumpsuit from 
Stella Mccartney

 I think every girl should have this! ;) It's functional, fashionable and fun! :) 

Visit to know more! :)