leafing another page of this so-called life

I just gave my blog a new face lift. Apart from using the new photos which I got from a pseudo photo shoot, I just felt that I needed to do something new. No, not really like something BIG-new. Just a little tinkering on what is already existing. 

This morning, I woke up with a smile on my face. Not literal though, but I did feel that I was in a happy space. "The storm is finally over.", I told myself. I get the nice feeling I have when the sun comes out after days of heavy rain. 

I am loved. I am enough. I deserve. These were the words that rang in my head. I guess, I have finally and completely moved forward from all the failures I had in the past and this is the point when I realized how resilient I am to keep on standing up no matter what. Perhaps, I also came to the point of embracing the power of my dreams--of being a lawyer, finding the right man for me and serving my family among others---and just surrendering to the love I have for these. Now, I realize how great is my power to create the things that I want. (Hahaha! Now, I am thinking: Is this really an effect of being on a brink of a phase of life).

Now, I am excited to tumble, soar and celebrate the time of my life. 


imperfect love

If you will ask me how love will look like for me now, it will be acceptance. It is the acceptance that things aren't perfect; that I am capable of making a mistake; that no matter how loving or good I strive to be, I have weaknesses and sometimes I operate through them. 

In my several weeks of journeying within, I have finally discovered that I have a huge capacity of love no matter how imperfect it may be. 



Last Monday, I celebrated my 29th birthday. :) It feels a little weird knowing that it's my last year in the twenty-something bracket. Somehow, it feels like I am at the threshold of an era almost bursting into another phase of my life. 

I have collected 29 years of good memories, friendships and love. This year, I am more hopeful of creating new ones and enriching those that I already have. I am sooooo excited to experience myself into this new journey. I wish that this year my dreams will turn into reality. 

This year's celebration wasn't frilly. I wished for a quiet birthday celebration with family and friends--and that is what I got. :) 

My Tita Le organized a picnic getaway for me, my siblings and cousins in Caleruega's Kampo Ariba grounds. We had the simplest food to share but we had so much fun taking pictures and sharing stories. :) Although, it was raining every now and then, it did not dampen our sunny spirits. :)

 From L-R. Top row: Me, Em, Tita Le; Second row: Raquel, AC, Sheila

 My sibs and I. We missed Julius. 


 With Jon. :)

Of course, my Tita Beth and Tito Rene won't allow themselves to be left out. 
They brought pizza and ice cream at Tita Le's house. :) 
Thank you, lovebirds. I really felt the love.

From Tagaytay and despite the traffic, I flew to Quezon City at Coach Nancy's house for our council meeting. They gave me a cake to blow! :) Yiiii! Mango Bravo! 

 A pose with the cake with my very loving council, Powerful Voice.
 From the bottom of my very open, loving and bitchy heart, thank you and I love you so much! :)

God really sends us people whom we deserve and who will make our lives better. 
My coach is one of the sweetest surprises I had in my lifetime. 
I love Coach Nancy! :) Your love truly create miracles. :) 

Of course, my birthday will not be complete without the Barangay getting together. The day following my birthday, we met up at Papa John's in Greenhills for lunch. It was the usual get together but it was surely special because we're celebrating my birthday! :) One thing I realized is that life can be simple but special. I was also thankful to have friends whom I can just be. See, not everyone gets to have friends whom you can say you want to keep for a lifetime. :) I love you Barangay! :) You will always be God's sweetest blessings to me. :)

 Bizu is always a favorite. Sweet. :)

Now, it's time to blow the candle. :) 

 Nothing compares. :)

 A special surprise. :)

I also got more than a hundred greetings on Facebook alone. Thank you, friends, for the love. ;)