leafing another page of this so-called life

I just gave my blog a new face lift. Apart from using the new photos which I got from a pseudo photo shoot, I just felt that I needed to do something new. No, not really like something BIG-new. Just a little tinkering on what is already existing. 

This morning, I woke up with a smile on my face. Not literal though, but I did feel that I was in a happy space. "The storm is finally over.", I told myself. I get the nice feeling I have when the sun comes out after days of heavy rain. 

I am loved. I am enough. I deserve. These were the words that rang in my head. I guess, I have finally and completely moved forward from all the failures I had in the past and this is the point when I realized how resilient I am to keep on standing up no matter what. Perhaps, I also came to the point of embracing the power of my dreams--of being a lawyer, finding the right man for me and serving my family among others---and just surrendering to the love I have for these. Now, I realize how great is my power to create the things that I want. (Hahaha! Now, I am thinking: Is this really an effect of being on a brink of a phase of life).

Now, I am excited to tumble, soar and celebrate the time of my life. 

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gengkie said...

hi pache! good thing you are sharing stories again sa blog. i also have a new blogpage too kasi nabwisit nako dun sa dati kong blog. ito siya:

ayun lang. hope to catch up with you again! and belated happy birthday!!