Easter Feast

Happy Easter everyone!

Today, the whole Catholic Church is celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus from death. This is the focal point of the Faith. :) And today, I celebrated it with my family at the Grand Feast at SMX. All the Feasts around Manila are invited to just this one Feast. 

Bro. Bo Sanchez, started a new series--OVERCOME

He spoke about turning our greatest failures into our biggest successes. He likened our lives into a big picture made up of puzzle pieces. That in putting them together, we may find one odd piece that may seem to not fit, yet, little did we know it does fit and it will complete the picture God intend to paint out of our lives. Am now excited to hear the other installments on the coming weeks. :)

 Look for the Feast nearest you and start receiving God's avalanche of blessings in store for you! Be blessed, everyone! :)

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