Yellow arrows on the platform

I do have a love affair with trains and today, after a long while, I rode one again. 

More than the convenience of a quicker travel, I love having a different perspective of the metro while I am on board trains. This experience leads me to reflect on a lot of things about myself and about life in general. Deep, right? Funny as it is, I seriously do get these thoughts perhaps because in these rare occasions I get to observe people and what is supposed to be the daily grind of an ordinary city commuter. 

Today, I boarded a train from GMA-Kamuning station in Quezon City and upon setting foot the escalator, I already noticed a sign saying: "Stand on the right. Keep left side open for rushing commuters." I was amused that finally Filipinos are reminded of public etiquette. There were several violators (foreigners at that!) but I was fairly impressed that this rule is observed by most of us. As I looked up, I wondered if commuters are more disciplined up there by the platform. 

Upon reaching the platform and waiting for my train to come, I noticed that arrows were painted on the floor where the door of the train was supposed to stop. I remember seeing these arrows in Hong Kong in order to  control the influx of people in and out the trains. 

My satisfaction was quickly interrupted when I noticed a girl to my left, also waiting for the train but was inside the yellow box where the arrow points downwards. It must just be the OC stickler for rules in me that wants to pull her to where I was standing. But then again, I held back. In just a few more seconds, people were lining behind her already!!! It was annoyingly funny! Then our train arrived.

Then I thought that indeed, our laws are good, but it is really the lack of discipline that sets us off track as a society. But then again, we fail to recognize that. Instead, we point fingers and don't take responsibility for our actions.

Then I remembered that elections is just a few days away. We will be relinquishing a portion of our freedom to people we, in fact, barely now from Adam. I just hoped every Filipino has grown a little bit wiser. But with my experience in the train station with that lady (and her followers), I can just remain hoping. :)

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