prince of persia, sands of time

"It is said some lives are linked across time. They are connected by an ancient calling--Destiny."
Today, I took some time off after a long day with Jurado and saw Prince of Persia with Zeny.  I remember playing this game on my black and white screened computer, waaaay before plants vs. zombies wanted to eat our brains out. It was one of those computer games I was addicted to, standing par with Carmen Sandiego (Okaaay, my age shows here). I should say that Disney gave enough justice on this one--fairly made for an adventure movie. I brought to the edge of my seat the whole time. Although, SM Cinemas should be sued for refund since there are around four portions that are obviously cut (not to mention the poor resolution and muffled sound system. We should have really drove off to Makati). Going back to the movie, although it was good, it was also too Disney-y--everybody happy! Jake Glyllenhaal was hot--perfect!

 *Poster says: Defy time. I'd rather not. But I wish I can make it move slower. :p

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katlin said...

aha! kayong dalawa ng kapatid ko nag-date pala! ehehhee.. pero ganda no? asteg nung movie.. ang saya saya! ehehhe. :p