reunions feel like an old pair of shoes

Tonight, I spontaneously decided to meet up with Doyti, an old friend from an inter-uni organization I was part of. Conversations over dinner and coffee with someone I haven't seen for years now was something I needed this week. Luckily, we were both free and finally we were able to get together. After hours of catching up, re-telling stories on old loves, and a few commentaries on Philippine politics, I was already contented on this pitstop.

On my way home, I "picked up" Melvyn, another friend from waaaay back in high school along the road. Hahaha! He was hailing the cab behind the one I was riding on when I called him from my rolled down window. I asked him to hop in (since our houses were just several blocks away) and we ended up finding ourselves talking over cups of tea and frap about our lives, people and yesteryears.

Am really happy that no matter how much time has passed, you'll still find old friends whom you can just pick things up from where you left of, know that things have changed but you have not really changed at all. :)

Describe Tonight: COMFORTING

Oh! By the way, I bumped into two other friends whom I just exchanged hellos with. Nice eh?

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