Current Song: Beautiful Day by U2

Describe today: UNPRODUCTIVE

...except that I cleaned my room, fixed my bookshelf, changed my blog template, and danced. Later, I will meet up with an old friend for dinner.

When I meant I was unproductive, I meant I was bar-unproductive. Taking this time off to distract myself and get my wheels moving again. I was sent off-track by some useless thoughts and went pity-partying for the last 48 hours.

Lesson learned for the last 18 hours: Sometimes, doing something is worse than doing nothing. (Meredith said that too in one of the Grey's episodes. It pays to listen sometimes, Faith!)

My promise: Starting Monday, I will be productive again. I have a bar to hurdle, you see?


Berne Guerrero said...

don't despair. without realizing it, you might have unclogged some potential and/or developing obstacles...

just like some writers do other things besides writing (like cleaning a room) so as to ease or cure a writer's block...

or just like team members resorting to back passes, even if the point is to move the ball forward, to achieve the ultimate goal (e.g. a minute sample in a 90 minute game: ) ...

warm regards in your review. :)

jishinka said...

Thanks, Kuya Berne! :) Very comforting...and i love the video! It made the point!

More so, the video made me miss watching football. I used to be much of a fan back in high school and early college. The back passes really make making the goal exhilarating and sweet. Some friends do not understand why I spend too much time watching football games when in fact at the end of the game teams only make 1 or 2 points. I would always reply: "It's not the number of goals they make, it's how they make a goal."