last of our days

Just in time on my reflections on being myself and savoring my life, a friend sent me this video through Facebook. It spoke to me, so am sharing this to everyone. I hope you find something for yourselves in this. Happy day, every all! :)


geng said...

ang cute ng movie na to. and did you know this won best screenplay sa Oscars for a first time writer na dating PA lang ata sa hollywood or dating hairdresser? Not sure.

jishinka said...

you were talking about little miss sunshine no, kuks? Hehe. misplaced yung comment mo. hehe. ;0

anyhoo, really? asteg. ang ganda nung movie. indi ba to? low cost sya e. pero bilib ako dun sa family. :)

geng said...

Ay, you should watch Up in the Air. Ay grabe. Napaka-subtle ng message pero napaka-ganda kung paano nilahad..

jishinka said...

talaga? Sige, magpapahanap ako nun. :)