over a cup of coffee

For the second time this week, I caught myself in one of Starbucks’ coffee houses. Last night was spent with Gen. I never realized how work can really suck all the energy out of you, until now that I am officially part of the workforce. I crave for the conversations and laughter I share with classmates and friends. I miss those nonsense chitchats in between classes and during meals, and the never-ending phone calls at the end of the day to friends from other colleges. The (free) movie last Thursday with Peds and last night’s dinner and coffee were definitely a refuge.

I just love Gen. I love our friendship. The laughter and stories were fabulous. I was reminded of what my seniors always tell me: “When you grow older, you’ll need your friends when you were younger.” I agree. With them, there is no need of pretensions. No make-ups. No composure. No judgments. Just you and your imperfections. Through the years, you’ll get to uncover more about yourselves, yet still continue appreciating the gift that you have each other. Well, as in any story of friendship, you’d never expect how a stranger can be one of your closest allies and confidant.

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