going french

I am learning French, finally! Although, this has been a longtime wish, I hadn't really decided on sitting down and actually studying the language until an officemate invited me to enroll in a French Class, since according to her, she's bored. I though it would be fun so I agreed. That weekend, I started searching the internet for free french class and voila! I had the things I needed. I thought of learning things by myself first before enrolling in a language school. Besides, that is already way too costly. I also thought that the schooling will be a lot more fruitful if I already know a few vocabulary and little on grammar.

I now know a bit of the basics. (When I said that, I meant that it's really BASIC as it waaaayyy too basic..hehe!). For any consolation, I now know a few greetings. I also know my numbers: un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq. six. sept. huit, neuf et dix.

French is not easy in the sense that you don't write the words down as you say it. Spelling is a challenge so as the pronunciation which is very nasal. (My toungue is getting stiff actually...) I hope I do well on this one. (Read how my numbers are to be said: uh(n), du, thrwah, kaht, sahnk, sees, seht, weet, nef, deez)

That's all for tonight, I guess.

Bonne Nuit! =)

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