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I was leafing through the daily paper this morning when I learned that Panfilo "Ping" Lacson and Rosebud are at odds for the mayoralty post of Manila in next year’s local elections. I also heard rumors that Borgy Manotoc and Manny Pacquiao vying for the same position.

I cannot help but raise my eyebrows and shake my head in utter disbelief (add to that a smug). It is not the surprising disbelief how these people still have that guts to run for office but that frustrating disbelief how the political race in this country has became a career.
Allow me to just deliver my comments on these two rivals.

Who will not know Panfilo Lacson? This political nemesis has always in the forefront of several anti-administration campaigns. He once vied for the highest seat in the government. He was also elected as a legislator, after years of service in the police force.

Lacson’s battle cry is HOPE (Health, Order, Peace and Education) for the ManileƱo’s. If elected to office he will combat graft and corruption so as to uplift the image of the local government. Hallelujah, it is if this isn’t lip service! With all the benefit of the doubt, at least, there is one good soul in the government. I hope that this "HOPE" won’t turn out to be bleak.

He says that his running for office is the will of God after receiving a call from an unidentified man in the cloth. How blasphemous can that be! I am in no position to question each person’s appreciation of God’s signs and how God speaks to each of us but I suggest that we refrain from dragging God’s name in our filthy politicking. Please do not get me wrong. I am a woman of faith and my theology is that God has a hand in every area of our lives. I am just wary about the idea that God is being used as a pawn in this board game. I think that if one really finds in his heart that he is called for public service, it is best that he’d be man enough to take upon himself that responsibility without "name dropping".

However, if this is his means of preparing his way to run as President in 2010 National Elections, I just can’t say more. Veteran, he is.

Rosebud on the other hand, was the popular State witness in a case linking Lacson to illegal drugs and kidnapping some years back. I do not know her personally except for what I read in the papers, but I can trust my instincts that she isn’t fit to be in office. And for all it’s worth, I would not risk the leadership of my city to a neophyte. I doubt if she ever had a background in public governance, to which I will define as the "wild".

In an article today in Inquirer, she said that Ping’s decision of running forces her to run as well. I cannot follow such logic. Why would one run only because an antagonist is? Public office isn’t supposed to be a competition. If her messianic instincts are alarming her, let me remind her that super heroes aren’t real—and she can’t be one. She doesn’t possess super powers and she isn’t a god(dess) or at least a demi-god. I suppose she’s been spending much of her time in front of the TV. I am coming to the conclusion that she’s just using next year’s local elections as an opportunity for her to thicken the plot of her opposition of Ping. Her telenoleva-ic psyche seems to overtake her that she projects herself as the "doormat bida" and all the others as the villains, whose mission in life is to ruin her. As she puts it, "this is personal", which to my opinion is not a very good motive to run for office.

I have seen a lot of people scurrying their way into the political limelight—most of them local cinema actors, athletes, and in my judgment, those others not eligible to hold public office. Fellowmen, this isn’t reality TV (I should write another article on that), THIS IS REAL LIFE. No wonder everyone seems to be oblivious why government seems to malfunction. Yes, it’s neither the educational background nor the social status that matters in public service but a little background on the political system would help. And although, I agree that everyone should be entitled to equal opportunity in serving in the government, not everyone is necessarily worthy to be one.

I hope that our electorate would be more educated and wise in picking our leaders. To the few who gets to read this piece of my thoughts, please remember that democracy is the rule of all. Let us realize how much power we have in our hands; that each vote is an exercise of our identity and a delegation of our inherent power as members of the State.This few whom we have entrusted our rights to are in turn expected to render us some service. Let us be cautious to whom we give that power, so that it may be used for the good of many and not the perpetration of the selfishness of a few.

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