i casted my ballot

Yes, I exercised my right of suffrage.

Most of the people I know did not even bothered going to the polling precints to exercise their rights to vote. I am not sure if they are just nonchalant or they have just grown to be completely frustrated with the Philippine political system. I am saddened about this truth.

Yes, I do too abhor the filth of Philippine politics. I hate hypocrisy, betrayal and the ruthless taking advantage the people whom we have entrusted our country’s affairs to. I may have lost faith on this people, but my faith in Democracy is still alive. Being a citizen of a Democratic country, I am aware of the power of my ballot. By casting my ballot, I am exercising my power to change the people in government which will eventually change my future and that of my children and grandchildren. Yes, the choices may be limited, but we still have choices. The gamut of problems we face today have grown overtime and we cannot provide a solution for it overnight. We simply have to inject a little change here and there, and soon Philippines will be fine.

The right of suffrage is an attribute of sovereignty which resides in the people and entitles them to have a direct participation in government. Most people fail to recognize that in Democracy it is the people who can actually dictate the affairs of its government. It is us who will create the future of our country. We only have to discern wisely who are worthy enough to lend our rights to and govern the affairs of the nation. Spiderman puts it very well: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. The power of shaping the course of our mother land is in our hands, our responsibility is putting the people we think have the heart to serve and redeem our country from the pits of shame and poverty. If we think the choices are not good enough, then let us simply not write their names in our ballots, but at least we safeguarded our rights against those who intend to use them for selfish reasons.

If in any case, we made a mistake in our choices, we too have the power to remove them in office. We have successfully done that through the years—ejecting the Spaniards, the Americans, the Japanese, Ferdinand Marcos, and even Joseph Estrada. The power to choose includes the power to remove. We are powerful beyond our imaginations, my countrymen. I don't mean whimsical replacement, but that which is wise and careful--just as we have chosen.
The indelible ink on my forefinger signifies the indelible mark of my being a Filipino.

Filipinos, let us take charge. Let us claim our sovereignty. Let us claim our rights to meddle in the affairs of our society. Let play part rather than relentlessly complain.

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marie talaboc said...

i agree! voting is our right and privilege -- regardless of whether its authenticity is compromised or not. people who don't vote doesn't have the right to complain because they didn't exercised their right using the right avenue -- ballot casting! (hehehe)