let me sleep

I am having a recurring dream.

For the first two occasions I dreamt about it, I did not bother. I thought, maybe it's just one of those images that pass your mind at sleep. Until I dreamt of it the third, fourth and fifth time.

Now, I wonder. Does this already mean something? Is my subconscious telling me something I do not know? Or is it letting a forsaken memory surface?

I am not really a believer of dream symbols, and dreams being prophetic. All I know is that one's subconscious mind surfaces during sleep. So, dreams can be manifestations of hidden thoughts, hopes or fears.

I am puzzled. Is my recurring dream still part of my subconscious? Is it a fear or a desire maybe?
For one, my mind is successful in bringing it to my attention. I can't let it off my consciousness now.

Am having goosebumps.

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