all i want for Christmas

No doubt it's Christmas already. The cool breeze is blowing again (am wishing it snows...hehe), Christmas songs playing, party skeds crowd the calendar, and Starbucks is starting the sticker craze again. Hehe.

...And since gift-giving has been a tradition. I am drawing up a list of the things I want to receive for Christmas. Hehe. By the way, one of the languages of love is receiving (and giving) gifts... so everyone, it's time to be loving. :p

1) Corrinne May's CDs. (Safe in a crazy world; Fly Away; Beautiful Seed)
2) An Original DVD of "A Very Special Love."
3) A dinner date with John Lloyd Cruz. :) (promise, sobrang saya ko pag nangyari to!)
4) 120Gb Ipod Classic or 32Gb Ipod Touch
5) red flip-flops
6) law books, i.e. Persons and Family Relations, and Property by Atty. Rabuya; Compilation of commercial Laws Vols 1 and 2, codals, RPC Book II by JLB Reyes (para di na ako bibili...hehe)
7) Captivating by Stasi and John Eldredge
8) Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
9) Round trip ticket to Singapore or London (get me out of this country)
10) A purple/violet school bag
11) Red dress
12) More plain shirts
13) That Starbucks planner... red please.

So far, yan muna... Hehe.

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