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My List of 25 Random Things, Facts, Habits, and Goals

1. I want to own a property by the beach, preferably in a cove. The house will stand on higher ground to have a perfect view of the sea and the sky.

2. I wasn't very fond of the beach until I stayed in Tita Joy's beach house in Nasugbu. It completely changed my perspective. (Just as Tita Joy always do... Hehe.)

3. I wanted to become a band lead singer. In fact, when I was in first year college, I jammed with some Engineering students in one of the recording studios in Manila. Now, I just strut my stuff on videokes. Never let me hold the microphone....never.

4. I love Casa Reyes' Brazo de Mercedes. Perfect!

5. When I was still inside my mom's womb, my dad wanted a baby boy. Since ultrasound wasn't popular during those times, he was surprised and simply uttered: "My son is a girl." when I was delivered.

6. I miss working because of the hefty pay check at the end of each month, plus all the perks at goes with it.

7.I watch Betty La Fea because of John Lloyd Cruz. Whenever he's on screen, the dialogues start to muffle and all I can focus on is his face. Yes, I so crush him!

8. I am so lazy today. Post-midterms low.

9. I grew up not having anyone of my age in both sides of the family. Either they are 10 years older or 5 years younger. Good thing, I didn't grow up being a loner. Or perhaps, that is why I think beyond my age.

10. ...and because I was surrounded by mostly older people, I know a lot about the 80's--personalities, songs, movies. Should I say I was an avid fan of That's Entertainment? Love the Tuesday and Friday Group.

11. When I was in Grade 4, my friend Mapet (and her mom) tagged me along to audition for Ang TV. It wasn't a spectacular experience, tell you.

12. I ballroom dance. I do that better than modern.

13. I am blessed with friends, true friends at that. ;)

14. I have sorts of nicknames. My dad calls mePache (I told him I wanted the name Michelle. I suppose he mixed up Fatima and Michelle to come up with Pache). My mom calls me Fatima (She never gave me a nickname). My friends from elementary call me Fatty (which I've always refused, because I was never fat when I was younger). My best friend in second year high called me Leng (never knew why). My classmates from AB Gen, calls me Che, a variation of Pache, which they learned from a friend. Faith was given to me by a classmate from high school. She happened to have a cousin whose name is Fatima and her nickname was Faith. That is the nickname which stuck. Although, some close friends from Arellano Law calls me Faithie.

15. I love traveling. I love window seats in airplanes. I love figuring out maps and riding trains when am abroad.

16. I am a very good navi. Give me a general direction of a place and I can find my way around. I think I was born with an internal compass.

17. I am so fascinated with anything Japanese. Japanese food gives me the high every time. I studied Hiragana for a time. I watch Kabuki. But I was never a fan of Anime.

18. And because of my fascination, I prayed to God that the first foreign country my feet should step on is Japan. It happened! And I mean literally step on! It was only a stop over to Canada. Hahaha! Then I realized how specific prayers work.

19. I love wearing red nails.

20. Whenever my nails start to chip off, I remove them all using my nails. :) I can finish them off in an hour or so.

21. I love Pakbet and Kare-Kare.

22. I was a fan of Princess Diana, ever since she was married to Prince Charles. My aunt who's based in London brought home a photo book of the Royal Wedding and I've always wanted to have one like that.

23. The other day, I thought of marrying a wealthy businessman or a surgeon, or better yet a surgeon who happens to be a wealthy businessman. Hahaha! Seriously, occupation isn't much of an issue. I have a non-negotiable list to abide though. :)

24. I wanted to become a Pediatrician when I was younger. But when I saw a group of med students pulling their trolleys of books for Revalida, I told my Mom: "Ma, I don't want to become a doctor anymore. They've got so much to read." And here I am in law school... still with much to read. Darn!

25. I want to travel around Europe, South East Asia and Africa.

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