One big THANK YOU.

I just turned twenty-something last Saturday, and up to now I am very much grateful. I knew that day how much the Lord loves me through the people who made it extra special.

I appreciate all those you greeted me through SMS and FB wall. People whom I haven't heard from in months remembered and I really, really appreciated that. Although, I had class in the morning (to which I arrived late because prayers are already being said), I was happy to spend half of my day with Fr. Jocis and the rest of the AMOE volunteers. My classmates gave me little presents, some brought in food for us to share. I love the cake! :) Am happy they loved the food I brought also.

After class, I immediately went straight to Megatent in Ortigas for SE6 Reunion. Funny thing though, the theme the class chose was children's birthday party. We had the works--balloons, party hats, children's songs, loads of games and children's party food! I remembered as I child I always wished for balloons during parties. I was happy spending the other half of the day to my Single's family. They gave me a huge birthday card and lots of blessings.
I just have to leave early because Zeny was demanding I'd meet her. So, off I went.

Zeny told me we'll see a movie and eat dinner. Ok, I said, still quite clueless of who will be joining us. At around, almost 8 in the evening, she picked me from home. (with Kathleen). She drove to her condo. Still puzzled why we have to go there because, I thought if we will see a movie, we might miss even the last full show. Nevertheless, I kept quiet and stopped fretting in my head. I felt that having two of my "sisters" around is much more fun than movie or whatever. As Kathleen was telling her stories and I was intently listening while we are entering Zen' unit, I was really surprised to see Roan, Sheldon, Mik, and Gen as the lights were turned on. They prepared a little feast for us to share! As if to top the ice cream with cherry, I received the a gift I secretly asked God days before: A bouquet of flowers! I was utterly speechless and I even caught my self jumping! We had simple food and I had to blow another candle on a cake. It's another cranium night. Fr. Deng called and made the surprise more fun. I had to go home at 4am.

Surely, my birthday was fabulous! It was filled with much love from the people very dear to me. I remember asking myself, what good must I have done to have deserved such shower of love. Then, I was sure it was grace--something freely given; something not worked for. Perhaps, I am now ready to receive undeserved love. I do not refuse nor resist. I just opened my arms and accepted what was given to me for I knew immediately that it was Jesus who was showing me how much He loves me, through this people whom I share my love for Him.

To my friends, thank you for allowing yourselves to be God's conduit of sweetest blessings. More than the gifts and the surprises (which I appreciate a lot), you are my presents wrapped neatly in different shapes and sizes. :) Pray with me that we'll share more of God's goodness as I walk through another chapter of my life.

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