a strong sunshine is coming out

I would like to share today's reflection on Didache (A Catholic Reflection Guide published by Shepherds Voice Publication). It was written by George Gabriel, who also happened to be part of the singles ministry I am with now. It somehow described how I am feeling, especially now that I just finished a battery of tests for my (hopefully) last semester in law school. The following text is be the complete reflection (highlight in purple mine):

… if only we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him. – Romans 8:17
I like what my friend Dinah once told me. “I woke up to the rain but then when I saw that it stopped and it became really foggy, I knew we’d have good weather,” she said. “Usually when it gets really foggy in the morning, to the point of zero visibility, strong sunshine comes after that. Don’t know if there is a scientific explanation but it’s always been like that here.” She’s based in New Zealand.
She knew, for sure, that good weather would follow. Why? It’s nature. I love how God communicates His love for us through it — through the natural occurrences of life. There was a time when I was so heartbroken and depressed. My darkness had blocked out God’s light and I couldn’t see His purpose for allowing me to experience that situation. I didn’t want to wake up the next morning to the same pain. I didn’t see the point of living another day. But after that point of zero visibility, the sun came out. I made it through. The Lord healed me and raised me up from my suffering to experience His glory once again.
Scientific explanation?
God is faithful.
And we can depend on it… because it’s His nature. George Gabriel
Just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean it’s not there.
In the midst of the storm, I will be still and know You are God.

How comforting and assuring that after the rain, when all around you becomes foggy, the sun will surely be peeking out. After last night's examination in Civil Law Review 2, I knew the rain stopped, but a huge area of fog enveloped me. A tinge of doubt seeped into my heart. Would God allow me to graduate? 

Amid the voices that I hear inside my head, my soul rested on the truth that God is faithful and He makes all things work for those who love Him. My heart knows that God never fails His children. For whatever His answer will be, I know that it'll be for the best. All I need to do now is rest in His love and cast all my cares on Him. 

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