...just because he loved us much

Today is Palm Sunday and the whole Catholic Church is now entering the Holy Week--a very special season of remembering the Passion and Death of Jesus on the Cross. 

Today we commemorate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem which manifested the coming of the kingdom that the King-Messiah was going to accomplish by the Passover of his Death and Resurrection. It is with the celebration of that entry on Palm Sunday that the Church's liturgy solemnly opens Holy Week (560, Catechism of the Catholic Church)We are encouraged to offer prayers and sacrifices to be one in the sufferings of Jesus. In that way, we can hope to have our own resurrection at the end of time.

I would like to share a video which Fr. Titus shared with us in the Mass earlier at the Feast.  This spoke about the love of the Father for us, that He can sacrifice His only beloved Son for our Salvation from eternal damnation. May this help you reflect on God's infinite and unconditional love for each of us. He loves us more than we can ever know. :)

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