Dear YOU,

I really enjoy your company, much more our conversations which seemed to be non-stop. We rarely run out of word to say. I loved to laugh with you.

I appreciate your openness. Thank you for trusting me with the little details of your life. Thank you too for including me in your preoccupations. It has been quite long since someone has been so endearing towards me. Thanks for making me smile, and sometimes blush. I enjoy the sudden ruch of blood all over my face. I feel like I'm glowing and a smile is plastered on my face. I am not yet walking on clouds, but I feel like floating. Though, I fear rising higher--as the song goes: I am afraid to fly...coz I don't know how ( Need to change it a bit to suit me ...)

I always have fun when I'm with you. It is fun making fun of the people around us too! You seem to let me loose my very cloistered self. Subtly...

I want this feeling to linger but not for long. Sometime before, I've already committed numerous mistakes and I've resolved not to do them again. You are a dear friend that I cannot afford losing.

One thing that causes a rift in a friendship between a boy and a girl is when one realizes that he or she feels more than normal. I love it said in X-Files: As if a switch is flickered somewhere and things are just not the same. Oftentimes, if this happens, one or both just retreat and start building separate lives. I hope that won't happen to us. Perhaps, if the inevitable realizes, may we learn to acknowledge it. Let's just take it from there. I'm not ready to jump into anything yet--not yet. May we merit the blessing of God in this friendship--and wherever it leads us.



Ade said...

hm.... may nakita kami ni reese kanina... guy na kasama mo sa CM... hm... ala lang.... ahehehehe.... =)

-- Ade M.

berna said...

nice start.. friendship.. hehe.. we really need to talk over coffee.. =)