For the first time this semester, I did not attend my classes. I was excused for my Civil Procedure class since I attended the Saint Thomas Mass. But I also chose not to attend my Administrative Law class since I was not able to read the cases assigned. Instead, I went to Butet's place earlier than the time agreed to meet. I borrowed some clothes so I won't look so formal for dinner. We called Gen and prodded her to leave earlier.

We met at the UST Chapel at 8:30p. We hailed a cab and off we went to Makati.

Butet wanted to try the food in Sentro. I was really hungry then so I refused to consider some other place. Anything would do. Besides, I also wanted to try it out. We ordered the house specialty: Corned Beef in Tamarind Soup (plus some other viands, which names I cannot remember.) It was good. Joanne came in after a few minutes. We were really laughing our hearts out recalling all our funny moments together. It was a good time to update each other of what's happening in our respective lives.

After dinner, we had dessert at The Coffee Bean. It was on Joanne. I had hot Mocha Latte and Chocolate Fudge Cake. Call it indulgence. I felt guilty and fat, but who cares! Bwahahaha!

We parted with Jo at around 12:00a. The cab disappointed me. The driver took a longer route and didn't even care to trun on the air con until we're at Espana. I wanted to demand but I thought that it was already late and we don't have anyone else with us. Talk about safety. Butet and I had a scare when the driver had the car refilled with fuel! Tell you, I was really praying to all the angels and saints in heaven. I dropped by Tet's place to change and claim my things. It took me a while to get another cab to go home. I was really, really nervous. This is the first time in a long while that I will be going home alone at 1a. Usually, it's either I'm with someone in the cab or I'll be brought home by a friend who has a car. If only I can sleep over Tet's place. But in a few minutes I'm in front of my house and hurriedly I alighted the cab. Whew!

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