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I have just recently revived my Flickr account, which I have finally decided to be the repository of most of my amateur shots as a budding photographer (/lawyer). Most of those are random shots while some are documentation of my adventures with nature.

I have always loved taking pictures (and being taken of, as well. Hehe!) and most of my friends tell me that I have perspective. Guess, it is a flair. My works aren't as good as those which I have seen but I am happy when I see them.

Although back in college I have already wanted to get myself to get hold of a camera and shoot around, I refused to indulge. Back then, the SLR's are manual which work for films. I decided that it'll be too costly for me to spend on rolls and rolls of it. So randomly, I just took bits of photography advice from those who have decided to embark on the pricey hobby. And I noted. Most are about framing and focus. I tried using them everytime I get the chance peak through the lens.

In the advent of digital cameras, I took the pleasure of taking as many shots as I can with the little gadget that I used to borrow from friends. Until my dad brought home one pocket digital cam to my delight! My pocket digicam went with me to the mountains I've climbed to the bars with friends and to a city outside the Philippines. I took all the pictures I can. (This even caused my mom and I to fight. She accused me of being a photo addict. O yes, I am. Hahaha!) The pocket digicam later evolved to a DSLR. Woohoo! Although, it is a communal among all the family members, only one of my brothers and I use it most of the time.

This year, I will spend more time learning more of photography. The artsy side of me will be blooming once more.

"Some rights reserved", hailed Creative Commons.

This afternoon, I attended the launching of Creative Commons and Creative Commons Philippines Philippines V. 3.0 (CC-PH) at school. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization worldwide which seeks to liberalize (according to the discretion of the author of the work) the use, distribution and exercise of all other rights of any created work without any legal repurcussions. Creative Commons provides creators with the option of acquiring licenses that defines which freedoms they want their works to carry.

Copyright immediately attaches to any person's created work. It can be a song (which may pertain to the melody or the lyrics together or separately), a book, a script, an article (which includes this blog entry), an artwork, a photo, maps, sketches, etc. Thus, the author of the created work is attributed as the rightful owner of the work and he/she can exercise all the rights attached to it. The symbol of depicting an encircled C serves as notice that the owner of the work reserves all his rights over the created work and excludes the whole world from exercising such. Although Copyright is protective, it may also be restrictive. CC provides for an option to make it less restrictive considering the proliferation of lots of created works in the Internet.
On a personal note, I find this initiative very good. It encourages freer exchange of works, promotes collaboration (which can lead to improvement of craft) and a maximized exercise of one's freedom.

Image on left:© 2008. Berne Guerrero. Some Rights Reserved. Except when otherwise noted , this work is licensed under

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