Finally! I've figured out how to paste this video. I have been having problems uploading it on my Multiply site, but thanks to Bianca's Obama Video which at one point pushed me to think harder how to actually embed a video from YouTube here in Blogger. (I refuse to ask, I am quite proud, y'know. Although, I did asked her, but I figured it out before she actually replied. Hahahaha!)

So, the video...I stumbled upon it, once, while browsing Inquirer.Net. Aaannd I was fascinated with all the variety of beers available it this place they call Beers Paradise. Hmn...

This place deserves a try. (evil grin)ΓΌ

More on beers...

Last Valentine's Day, I learned that there is Choco-Flavored beer marketed in Japan. According to the news article, it's made up of several kinds of malt which give its chocolate-y taste (Sounds like MIlo. Hahaha!) Alcohol content is 8.9 percent.

Interesting, huh?

And since Kath is in Kobe, I immediately asked her to bring me home a bottle. ;p Hopefully she finds one.

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