love, love, love! v.1

Although, I am not really a fan of Valentine's day, I am sort of joining the bandwagon in sharing my thoughts, experiences and reflections on love. Let us all enjoy this special day, but most importantly, let's learn to share love everyday. 


"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear"- 1 John 4:18 

There was a chapter in my life that I was in deep desolation. I was searching for answers to  the questions that swirl in my head. My past was catching up on me then. I was insecure, uncertain and fears crept in my heart. I felt lost. I felt disconnected inside. I was a ball of darkness bouncing without direction in this tepid world. 

My heart seeks to be satisfied. I knew I had more than what I needed. Yet, it felt that there must be something that I am missing. Surely, there is something.  I cried to God in prayer, without really knowing what to ask for. Days passed. Weeks came. Months turned in and out. 
"When love takes you in, everything changes. A miracles starts with the beat of a heart. When love takes you home and says you belong here, the loneliness ends and a new life begins..."

Friends and family like angels flew to me, consoled me and accepted me for just who I have become. Initially, I did not heed, sometimes I'd even  deliberately run away or resist. Little by little, as their love for me trickled in my famished heart, I begin to open myself to healing and loving. 

It was then, I found another meaning of love: acceptance and forgiveness. I realized that in true love one need not pretend, instead one must just be humble enough to show his real self to the people who loves him. Love is the unveiling of self.  I learned that true love is felt only when the true selves are allowed to share that love. It  is definitely a risk, but a risk surely worth taking.

I now know that I am a different person not only because of the pains I went through, but because of the enormous love of the people around me. The more I take in love, the more that my fears start to dissipate, because I have nothing more to hide, nothing more to fear.  I felt secure in the fact that most people may not like me, but there are a handful that loves me. More importantly, I am confident that even these imperfect people fail in loving me, there is a God who loves me perfectly and faithfully, without conditions, without end. 

*** texts in italics is from the song, "When love takes you in" by Steven Curtis Chapman

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