Working with kids is such an uber rewarding and adorable experience for me. They have their own way of making you feeling super special even if most of the time they drive you crazy (especially when they ask you questions or just talk to you ALL AT THE SAME TIME!) They are so magical, they can put you under a spell. ;)

I was rushing to class this afternoon. When I walked in, I saw this drawing on the board. Clara, one of the girls in the class, drew it for me. See, she even wrote: "DO NOT ERASE" As soon as the class was over, I took this picture and left the room without erasing it. ;)

Kids are soooo candid and so pure! I am loving CCD classes. (ooopppsss, am getting attached to the kids already. Hahahaha!)


Alwyn Sy said...

Such a sweet girl...Moments like these are priceless!

chie said...

wow! hehe..kakatouch naman yun. nakakawala talaga ng pagod kapag na-appreciate ka sa kahit na anong paraan.

God bless! :)