walking after the Man who called me by name

When He asked me to come and follow Him, I knew in my heart that it was not an easy task. First, I have to leave my boat and nets--a life I am accustomed in. Second, I will tread on a road I have no idea where it'll lead. My only consolation is the fact that I follow a Master whose love is greater than anything there is in this world. Who can ever resist that love?

My "yes" was something that came really slow, stammering and unsure. I did have doubts, fears and worries. Yet, my heart being led to peace in each step I take towards Him. I realized that when I took the first step after Him, my life started becoming less of me. That each step I take is an act of surrender in His love. A love that is never convenient nor easy. A love that is always demanding. A love that should be deliberate. A love which most people might think is insane. For He said, "If you love me, feed my sheep. Love your enemies. Yet, above all love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength." I never knew loving was difficult but surely is rewarding.

I have no idea how far we will still walk on. Surely it'll be a long stretch. In each step, I seek to delight him, love him and keep on walking with Him.

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