I checked my gmail and saw an invitation from a friend to climb Mt. Pulag in November. My eyes lit up! I miss the mountains greatly. Ever since I returned to law school, I haven't climbed to any mountain yet.

I can now imagine the cool, crisp breeze, the looong hikes, the magnificent view atop. Oooohhh! :)

For now, I content myself with these:

P.S. Mt. Pulag and I kept a secret...and this secret will unravel soon. :) I am more excited. :)


hayz said...

my best friend is from UP Mountaineers - she says Pulag is awesome! hope i can intro you to each other soon kasi pareho kayong mahilig sa bundok. hanggang dagat lang ako ;P

jishinka said...

cge! that's great! sama ka din. try mo lang. :)

i want to surf also. but i have to repolish my swimming skills.
Teka, you're a swimmer dba? Help me get rid of my newly acquired hydrophobia. Kainis kasi. See my post:

I miss you, Haze. :)