wisdom of service

I never wrote professionally. Yes, I contributed to our publication in the Uni and seen my friends actually work on deadlines but I never got the first hand experience of beating time to make it to publication. UNTIL I decided to serve in The Pasig Feast Bulletin.

It was something I never sought for. I would like to believe that it is something that the Lord asked me to do. When the opportunity fell on my lap, I readily accepted. My job wasn't really "big". I do the layout for the photos and the short write-up as to what happened in last week's Feast. Yet, as I work on it in the passing weeks, I realized that it takes a tiny fraction of my "bar-hopeful-'precious'-time." No, am not complaining. Instead, I come face to face to the truth that no matter how little or how much the Lord asks from you it is always something worth much for Him. I found the Wisdom that when we offer our lives to God, He will really demand for what is inconvenient...and whatever done in inconvenience is love. 

I now remember a quote from Mother Theresa of Calcutta: "The fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of prayer is faith; The fruit of faith is love; The fruit of love is service; The fruit of service is peace."  No matter how incovenient service may be, ultimately it leads to that joyful peace knowing that my Father up in Heaven is smiling at me. :)

Now back to my books.

By the way, we are still looking for people with kind hearts who are very much willing to share their time, talents and treasures to come serve with us at The Feast. Please contact me or come to the Feast Volunteer table for more information. :) Certified: Masarap Mag-Serve! :)

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