good morning!

I woke up late today. Around 10 am. That is unusual because I have always been an early riser. But since I have been sleeping less the past few nights I decided to overstay in bed. 

Yes, it's official. My body is feeling the Bar coming...and definitely I cannot deny it. As weird as it is, I have been feeling all sorts of stuff. When I shared this with another bar-hopeful friend, she chuckled and commented that I can also be human. Haha. Yes, I am. :) 

Well, this morning I woke up with the sun washing over my window. I reached for my phone and Ipod touch (which are usually beside me, when I sleep). I checked for messages and I logged on the net to check FB mobile. This was what I found:

Mom sent me a message encouraging me not to give in to fear. At first, I thought maybe she read my shout out on Facebook saying,or maybe, a mother just knows well how to read between the lines. Those six words spoke tons of messages to me. There really is a language only parents and children speak...and oftentimes, words can just be too much to use. It made me smile knowing that my mom does have faith in me and feels that all I need to do is trust in God. Now, I am beginning to tear.

I guess all these months I have received all the best wishes I can ever receive from people close to me, telling me that I can hurdle this last step to getting my dream of becoming a lawyer. I even received encouraging words from former professors saying that they see in me what it takes to pass the Bar. Maybe, it's really time to believe in my self. I've been in law school for five long years and I think I've prepped enough for the past months. Now, it's God's time to finish the work we've started. Ready or not, I just have to be ready.

I read a portion of a former professor's article in Business Week (June 2010) and he said: "...the truth of the matter is this: the Bar exams are here, accept it. And pass it." Yes, IT IS REALLY HERE and I declare, I WILL PASS IT. :) 

Now, I really hope to feel better today. :)

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kathleen said...

nakaka-touch no? ang sweet.. the Lord's blessing me a lot too these past few days, kaya nga nagiging emotional ako.. ehehe.. weird lang, parang sabay sabay nangyayari sa atin.. mishu! ^_^