frisbee and catching grace

At the start of this year, I attempted to learn how to play ultimate (frisbee). I may not be the athletic type, but it interested me a lot that I had to play every Monday with my friend's team in Ortigas.

First lesson:  Skills on catching and throwing the disc. It was a bit technical, like when catching the disc one must position his hands, arms, and legs in a particular way. Watching the disc fly towards you can be very intimidating at first. It can also be frustrating. On the first few tries you'll miss it. The disc will fall on your toes, or fly pass you. When you finally catch it, sometimes it will hurt. Eventually, you'll get the hang of it. You'll learn how to estimate the distance between you and your teammate; the speed of the disc; and to which direction the disc will probably go to.

At this point of my faith journey, I realized that catching frisbee is also like catching grace. One must be poised for it. God throws grace towards us--material, physical, emotional, spirtual--name it. Oftentimes it comes unexpected. Precisely why, one must be equipped to catch it without miss, lest it falls on the ground or somebody else catches it.

I had a chitchat with a friend's mom and she reminded me that I am exactly in a position where grace is at my disposal. I may not feel it, but I would like to believe she is correct. It is overwhelming but I hope I've practiced my stance well so I won't miss my grace. :)

Weeks after my skills lesson, my friend was throwing me some sharp curves... and I am able to catch the disc with poise. I can still hear him say, "Niiice. Gumaling ka na ha. (Nice. You're doing great now.)" I wish I can hear that from Papa God too. :)

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