Eat, Pray, Tacsiyapo! in no particular order with Carlisle and Bee

After our bar exams, I joined Carlisle, her mom and her lola in visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. Since Bee is in La Union, we asked her to join us also. So, she drove from LU to Manaoag. It was a very long drive, most of the time I was asleep but the stops are surely fun.

We left Manila around 8am. It was a little late because Carlisle's lola still had to come from Batangas. Thanks to SCTEx, we arrived Manaoag at past 11 am. We lit candles for the intentions we are praying for and attended the 12noon mass.

 Manaoag Shrine from afar


Bee saying her prayers before lighting the candles

 Outside the Church while waiting for the 11am Mass to finish

It was Fr. Jerry Orbos who said the 11am Mass

In front of the Church
L-R Carlisle's lola, Tita Evelyn (Carlisle's Mom),
Carlisle and Me

After the Mass, we decided to eat in Matutina's in Bonuan, Dagupan (a nearby town). It is very famous for it's delicious and fresh seafoods. Tummies are all crumbling by 1:30pm. We arrived at Matutina's at around 2pm.  And here are the main stars of our lunch:

We also had Boneless Bangus, Sinigang na Baboy, 
Inihaw na talong with Bagoong and BBQ. Yum!

And of course, before we leave... :)

After stuffing ourselves to the hilt, we went back to Manaoag for Lola to kiss the image of Our Lady and to buy some pasalubongs for her friends. It was already almost 5pm. On our way back to Manila, Tita Evelyn wanted to drop by Isdaan, a restaurant alongside the National Highway of Tarlac. The ambience of the place was superb. Guests are lodged in separate kubos where they will eat. These kubos are placed on a barge floating on a man made fish pond of carpas. :)

Ponds are 9ft. deep

Carlisle and I enjoyed ourselves because of the statues of well-known people around the park and three security guards. :) We later found out that the material used for these statues are lahar ashes.

Ninoy Aquino, Cory Aquino and Cardinal Sin and Erap

The three Stooges este guards.

Of course, I wouldn't miss a chance of a photo op with one of my favorite superheroes:

Iron Man! Tony Stark, I ♥ you. :)

We ate dinner. Tita ordered Adobong Pusit, Bulalo, Green Mango Salad and Spareribs (which is not in the photo). Nom, nom, nom. :)

You can also find in the place the infamous Tacsiyapo. I have always thought of going here after the Bar and I am really happy I did, more happy it is unintentional though. :) According to them, Tacsiyapo is a word used in their local dialect to express disgust or frustration. The attraction though, provides of a wall where you can throw various things against like plates, glasses, vases or TV if you please. The goal is to release "anger". Talk about healthy anger management. Haha. But a little pricey though. :) Each medium sized plate costs Php 18. The cheapest is a mug at Php 15. :)

Guess which part I targeted

Above are stuffs sold at respective amounts 
to be thrown against the wall. 
Carlisle released her first plate. :)

I threw 3 medium sized plates and it felt nice. :) Video to be posted next time. :)

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Charlie said...

Ah Matutinas... Haven't eaten there personally but a lot of people really say the food is really good. I did get to buy once their suka. I love it