teased...and so these thoughts. :)

I am being teased my friends that one good thing that will come out from my moving out is that I'll meet "the one" for me. I would always let out a lil loud chuckle (which I did as finished typing the last statement.) Really, now? On second thought, maybe. Come to think of it, it's been two years since I attempted to trust someone with my heart. I should say the lull was fun more than a bore. I enjoyed myself a lot. I don't need to call much of a "me-time" because I am practically with myself all the time. It was fun. It was enlightening. It was amusing to find out things about myself. It was also hard sometimes because I have to deal with someone who I can never walk out from. It was good--very good even.

Although sometimes, I would yearn for someone to share the fun with. Yeah, I got my friends. I love them, but sometimes you just look for that one person whom you can make memories with, fight with, make up with, talk with, be silent with, drive around with. Just that one.

Two of my very close friends told me how much they admire my courage in taking my chances on love after every heartache. It was a surprise though because around two years ago, I felt I've already given up. I know at the back of my mind I still keep that faith on love and nth chances of making things right but I guess it was that time that I declared a time-off to finally straighten things up with myself.

I've learned and I've learned a lot. I should say I am wiser that is prolly why I took things aside. I can't say am ready but I do feel am almost there. :) I'm having quite a bunch of sudden changes in my life, I hope this one comes slowly and sure. :)

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