Stella Maris

A week after the Bar month, I paid the Blessed Mother a visit in her shrine in Manaoag, Pangasinan with Carlisle, Bee, Michael, Tita Evelyn (Carlisle's Mom) and Carlisle's lola.

I have always been a devotee of the Blessed Mother.  Ever since I was young, I would always pray to her and ask for protection and help. When I took my Bar Examinations, it is to her that I offered my sacrifices. It is to her that I usually ask for intercession to God especially during the times of frustration and doubt. I would run and cry to her whenever everything I do seems futile...and through all those months the Virgin did not fail me. 

I used to ask a priest friend what does it mean to have a devotion. We never really discussed it fully, yet it dawned to me that devotion leads one to faith, which later leads the person to imitate the virtues of the devoted and eventually grow in them. (I was surprised that the Lumen Gentium says the the same thing. Maybe it's the Wisdom from the Lady.)

On background is the front of the 
Shrine of Our Lady in Manaoag

The week after the Dominican Community in Sto. Domingo in Quezon City celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of La Naval. I have been joining the Grand Procession ever since I was in high school. So for years now, this has been a tradition and a personal devotion to offer decades of Rosary and follow our Lady as she visit the streets. 

This year, I failed to join the procession but I still made it a point to pay her a visit on that day. As usual, I thanked the Blessed Virgin for  all the favors she bestowed on me and renewed my commitment to her and God. I invited a few other friends to come, and I was blessed to know they too were blessed by the experience. 

Our Lady of the La Naval sitting on her throne

Blessed Mother, Thank you for taking me in as your daughter. Thank you for continuously caring for me as your own. I praise God for Jesus' generosity to give you to us as our Mother. May we be worthy to be called your children. Place me always under the mantle of your maternal protection and bestow upon me the grace to be like you. I seek to also cooperate with God in the completion of his Will. Guide me always, remain to be the Star which leads me to the Heaven my heart longs for. Amen. 

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