One Fine Isaw Day

Our Iskolar ng Bayan Katie hollered to the Ward 7 girls to accompany her in University of the Philippines (UP) to enroll for Advanced Pre-Bar Review...and to eat ISAW from the famous Mang Larry's Isawan. (Isaw is a Filipino street food made of grilled pork or chicken intestines.) Only Bee and I are available. So, at around 11am Kate and Bee picked me up from Espana and off we went.

Katie decided to go to Trinoma first to have her photo taken and to pick up some Smencils for her online shop. Since, we're already hungry we decided to ate lunch. Here are some of the photos. :)

 That's Bee. As usual, she's hungry...again. :)
My favorite lunch combo from World Chicken. 
(Grilled Chicken with Ranch BBQ Sauce, 
Pomodoro Spaghetti and Potato Salad for sidings)

At around 2pm we drove off to UP. I love going to UP because of the ambiance and a little nostalgia. It feels like you're being transported out of Manila in minutes. :)

I dint get a picture of the Oblation because that was when
 Katie asked both Bee and I to look at the back for a picture. 
Hahaha! Goodluck sa bangga!

Kate successfully registered herself with the UP Law Center. We also met an old guy, who apparently was a former Dean and he started joking with us. A few sarcastic humor from him, then we said goodbye. Bee was so excited to go to Chocolate Kiss in Bahay ng Alumni for dessert. 

We ordered Devil's Food Cake and Chocolate Suite. :)

My vote was for the Kahlua Chocolate Cake (one with brown icing) and Katie and Bee's is the Devil's Food Cake. I must admit though that it was also good. I am just a coffee junkie. After stuffing ourselves with sugar, Tanya, Bee's friend, came and decided to join us for Isaw! This is really it! :)

It was 3.30pm when we arrived at Mang Larry's Isawan Stall. They are still setting up then but orders are being taken already. We ordered *toot* sticks of Isaw na Baboy, *toot* sticks of Isaw na Manok, *toot* sticks of Tenga ng Baboy, and *toot* packs of chicharon. This is really obscene. :p Here are the pieces of evidence. 

Ate: "Pangalan?"
Katie: "Bee po/"
Ate: "Ve, as in Vektori"

Cooking hot...

Take your pick! :)


..and there was none. Hihi.

After having our load of Isaw, we went  to the shopping center for some Sago't Gulaman and Fishball. It was on Tanya. Yahoo! :)

Katie on her Sago't Gulaman

Pishbol, bow!

I would have wanted to have Palitaw and Balot. But I am so stuffed it was too difficult to move. Haha. :) 

Bye, UP. Til next time. :)

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