the people of my 2011

This is the second year I will create this list of people who spiced up my year. As I got my pen and paper to draw see who these exceptional people are, I realized how blessed I am to have met, experienced, influenced, moved and be loved by as many. To start of...

Kathleen Madula

Kath and I have been friends for almost 10 years now. At the beginning of the year, however, we were given the chance to get to know each other better. Thanks to the proximity of our offices, we get to hang out more often this year. Kath or Bunso, as I would fondly call her, would be my constant chat mate at the beginning of the year. I admire Bunso for her love for life and adventure. She's ever dependable and independent also. :) I miss this girl a lot especially now that she'll be working in a different city already.

SCA Lawyers

I have always prayed to be part of  an excellent but fun law firm. Thank God I became part of SCA Law. These people are the ones who unquestioningly supported me during the time that I did not make it to the Bar. They are my inspiration. I hope this time, I make them proud. :) 

Cecille, Mia and Denise Rebollos

I am so inspired of how these three sisters have fostered good friendship, worked in synergy and just enjoyed each other's uniqueness. They are pictures of love, beauty and character--same yet different. 

Cecille is the eldest of them three--a carefree spirit who commands respect in a very cool and fun way. She is definitely an icon of power and passion. Her red hair is an understatement. Mia, the second, is a mother of three kids and a very loving and supportive wife to her husband. She must be described as gentleness, vulnerability and grace. She draws people to her effortlessly. Whenever you are with her, you just let your walls fall down and you'll enjoy yourself as much as she makes you feel how she enjoys your presence. Denise, the youngest of them three, is love in action. If love is service, that is her. Denise will not settle of anything less than "Pwede na!" but she'll work her way to excellence--whether it be work or relationships.  The moment, she considers you as her friend, bank on it! She'll love you till both of you shall live...or beyond. 

The common denominator: They just be. They live their persons and they inspire others to do just the same. ;)

Nancy Sia

She lives life with the mantra: My love creates miracles...and she does. Coach Nancy was more than a life coach to me. She like a mother who instead of carrying me in her womb, carried me in her big heart until the time of awakening. She cared, guided and supported me. Although I saw her as a tough lover, she let me experience her gentleness which in turn allowed me to open up and taught me to love once again. She was a very loyal friend who will always protect you from anything that might harm you. I am just to blessed to have met her and I am sure we'll carry on a very meaningful friendship in the years to come. 

Power Voice

These six people changed the way I loved. Our relationship was unconventional. For around seventy days,  we all journeyed together as we re-discover our persons. Fyne, Merce, Lit, Pam, Tito Bobet and Coach Nancy completed my council during my LEAP journey. It was a challenging council in the beginning since half of it were deaf-mutes. But at the end of it, I know I am so blessed to be part of this group.

They challenged, stretched and nurtured me. They served as my mirrors and reflected who I am, my relationships and my dreams. They all showed love in different faces. Fyne taught me gentleness and care; Merce taught me responsibility and fun; Lit showed me vulnerability and strength; Pam exuded passion and gratitude; Tito Bobet taught me how to trust and give second chances and of course, Coach Nancy sparked miracles through her love. For the six of you, I will forever be grateful. :)

Audee Villaraza and Kristel Tiangco

In their relationship, I am the third wheel! That's what I always tell them. My friendship with Audee and Kristel started from being mere acquaintances to movie-buddies. For several times this year, they have been my refuge to escape the tortures of work and review. :) Our favorite: Horror movies. Haha! More than that, I am so grateful to have shared a friendship with these two very loving people. To more movie dates, friends! :)

Time Of My Life (TOML) LEAP Team 49

53 students, 9 coaches, 1 head coach, 7 facilitators, 1 love. LEAP Team 49 surely lived the Time of Our Lives as we journeyed for 10 weeks realizing and owning our greatness. I am so grateful to each soul that I have met in this team. You have led me to love and trust myself and ultimately share that to others. Thank you for helping me see my blind spots and supporting me to correct them. Thank you for cheering me on as I went through every challenge for the past months. I am so grateful to have true and vulnerable friends in you. May we share a lifetime of greatness together. From the bottom of my lovingly bitchy heart, I am so grateful for each of you. ♥

Julian Lancelot Caius

Finally, a baby in our family! Juju is my brother's first born. I have always felt happy for my friends' kids, but I never knew that having a baby in your family brings much more joy. 

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