...and it all started here

I was going through my blog and wondered how long has it been existing. So, I went to my very first entry: 25 January 2005.

I cannot remember why I started blogging. If my memory serves me right, I guess this was the time that I started reading blogs by different people. Dating it back, I was in second year law school then. Then it started. My blog was initially a "secret" get away for me. A place where I can dump all my thoughts--and the things I want to say but just cannot say out loud. For almost seven years of typing them all away, I guess, I have shared a great deal of myself in the cyberspace. Although I know I should have written more. :)

With more than 200+ entries already, I know I can write more. :) And I hope to be more vulnerable next time. Hehe.


rah said...

Hehe I can relate, from a secret blog to mainstream - the feeling is just to strong. :)

Keep on writing :)

jishinka said...

can i just ask where did you find out about my blog? :) saw yours too. nice.