daddy said

On my 18th birthday my daddy gave me a letter and he said "You are the architect of your life." That sounded very vague at that time. Seriously, architect? How? My young mind, of course, thought that I "design" my life. But I guess that was too technical for me. Too mannish. I did not fully appreciate the depth of what he meant. Guess, the lines and measurements that I saw in my head made it feel more complicated that what it is supposed to be. 

Now, more than 10 years after, I realize the power of my dad's wisdom. Yes, I "design" my life. I have the power to create the results that I want. I dictate which path I take and what I allow to happen to me. I CHOOSE. I have that power to choose. In my language, it will sound more like, "I write my story on fresh parchment." In more modern terms, I was given a blank white Word page and I can click my life away with words and punctuation marks. There. That felt better and more me.

Ten years ago, my father had set me free! 

Although, I was not able to grasp it completely (that I chose to lie under their wings--hah! it was too comfortable there, you see? Hehe.) I should say that those ten years was time well-spent to surveying the ground, laying the foundation, amassing the funds, knowing where to draw the rooms, what furniture are needed. Those were 10 years of planning...and now, it's time to start building. The frames are well put up; the house now has form. We're almost ready to paint, to usher in the fixtures, to put the flower boxes. 

Although, definitely, it does not stop there--there are still too much to do. But I now like what I see and I am excited. :) 

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