Bar Account 2011


I woke up 30 minutes past my alarm went off. I did not hear it ring. I still have enough time, though. After taking a shower and dressing up, my phone beeped. My best friend just arrived to pick me up and bring me to the bar site. We dropped by the nearest fast food for a quick breakfast and to buy lunch. On a rainy Sunday morning of November, I am again set to take the Bar Exam. 

As I entered the gates of the school where I practically lived all my life, I felt at ease. The old Bar jitters dissipated. It was kind of weird but comforting. I filed myself on the queue going inside my assigned building. It was high school all over again! :) I led myself to the third floor. My room was at the corner at the end of the corridor. I smile upon seeing it. It was the old drafting room during my time. Bits of memories flash on my head. As I opened the door, the proctor was already calling out names, arranging the examinees on their assigned seats. I was just in time, I told myself. 

The usual protocol of distributing the answer sheets and questionnaire was done. Except this time, with the advent of computerized checking, we will be using color coded machine readable answer sheets. I got the blue set. I was wearing blue, my ID was blue and I got the blue set. Irrelevant. I just liked that everything seems to be in accord. Hehe. 

At exactly 8 am, the bell rang. That was our cue to start taking the first exam. 

Political Law has always been one of my favorite subjects. I guess, I just always have a political mind. Or yet, systems just fascinate me. The exam was composed of 100 questions which are relatively difficult also. :) After two hours, the bell went off again. Time to submit the answer sheets.

After an hour break, we are set to take Labor Law Exam. Somewhere midway the exam, my back started to ache. Then I realized the questions began to become harder. I did not expect Labor Law to be as difficult. I almost wanted to sleep on it! 

At 12:30, we we're off for lunch. It was a good thing though that I saw a friend from way back who was also in the same room as I am. She also did not have company so we paired up and ate lunch together. Upon getting out of the building, we saw this year's Bar Chairperson who happened to be our professor in Legal Writing back in Law School. We greeted him and he was kind enough to stop a while and chat with us. 

We have 11/2 hours to burn for lunch and a little reading. As soon as we finished our food, we attended to our personal needs and went back to our room. I needed a little breather. The next exam is famous for being a killer: TAXATION LAW. :)

I am happy I drank my canned coffee. I am somehow perked up. Although, I can no longer distinguish if my heart was racing because of the coffee or the exam. :) It was a 75 item exam and I can say it was generally fine. I mean, Taxation Law is expectedly difficult and the questions were fair enough. My exposure at work helped me to answer some of the questions. I hope I fared well.

There. One Sunday down, three more to go. 

When I got out of the university premises, I ran to the nearest Starbucks to get my warm Christmas cup and sticker. ;) 

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