A prayer of surrender by Bro. Sheldon Tabile, OCarm

One morning, I was insanely gripping anger and fear in my heart. I sought help from a friend who is a Carmelite brother to intercede for me that Jesus' grace and love may teach me to forgive and let go. This is the prayer he sent me through chat, exactly the same words my heart seeks to say. 

May it touch you and bring the same love and healing in your lives. :)

Jesus, you invited that all those in burden to come to you
and you will give rest.
There are emotions that burden me now-emotions that I want to let go.
However I find myself returning to it.
It seems that my efforts are not enough.

I come to you Jesus,
Seeking for rest; 
Seeking for healing;
Seeking for your immeasurable love

May it overflow to me
May it fill my being;
those spaces that resist to forgive
May Your Love touch those hard parts in me;
may these parts soften
--soft enough, to be kind to others

Touch me o Jesus, 
physically, emotionally, spiritually
that I may be free
from all the burdens
that makes my life heavy

Teach me to let go...
of fears,
And allow You to be in charge of my life

May I always have faith that in very situation of my life...
you are hidden there
You are the surpirse!

This I ask you... because you have promised it to us
--to all those who have FAITH in you.


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